Deadly toys

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  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    The charcoal grill when the steaks were done, but before the coals went out. Used to sacrifice little green army men, barbie dolls, flowers and insects. Once I tried to sacrifice my little brother...he still cringes when he hears the phrase 'shrimp on the barbie'.

    edited to add not the kid bro, really!

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I never had those gnarly disc-firing pistols or a BB gun dammit!! My cousin whose only 6 years older gloated about the kinds of childrens chemistry kits he had while growing up. I'm not a geek but he was talking about making propellant and explosives, while the crummy one I was shafted with only ended up making salt.

    Even when I got cool toys like transformers, they had weak springs in their missle launchers. It seemed like each newer transformer had an even more pathetic launcher! Switching the springs with ones from ballpoint pens sorta helped.

    But the one real joy was those water rockets. I'd pump prime it till my arm was numb, and then "inadvertently " be a wee off the vertical when firing. Pure coincidence that there was always a large flock of seagulls in the park when that happened.

  • JeffT

    I used to shoot arrows straight into the air, to see how high I could get them to go. I grew up in Cooperstown NY. During the winter sledding was always good for all sorts of mayhem.

  • xjw_b12

    Heh, Heh, heh.

    Bow and Arrows. Shooting arrow straight up in the air. It would dissapear from view for about 10 -15 seconds, so you had to watch very closely, to avoid it's landing area. Kind of a Robin Hood version of Dodge Ball.

    Flame Thrower. Any spray can of flammable material, though Car Starter spray was the best. Spray away from yourself, ignite stream, and chase your friends all over the yard, making sure the flame never reaches the tip of the spray nozzle


  • glitter

    I had (and still have in storage) loads of Fisher-Price Play Family People. *Exactly* the right size and shape to be choked on!

    I had a BMX bike with dodgy handlebars (used to jam sideways!) and no brakes. I didn't wear a helmet, but I really ought to have - when I was 12 my friend was hit by a (not even speeding) car while *walking astride* her bike and died instantly.

    When I was four or five I also made my mum rush out and buy me a Flutterby My Little Pony because I'd read in the paper that kids had inhaled the whispy and very loose tail-hair and ended up in hospital, and I was scared they would be withdrawn! I didn't want to miss out!

  • Stefanie

    I would play with dirt, sticks, leaves. I had a skateboard, skates, and alot of jump ropes.

    Then when i got older it was fun to spray my aqua net hairspray infront of a lighter.

    The finish line consisted of a rope that was ment to go under the front tire as it was passed... unfortunatly my sister did it wrong and ended up flat on her back with a rope mark across her neck. She didn't want to play that game anymore either. Hell, the rope thing worked for me! It always went under my tire... never over.
  • Elsewhere
    I don't quite remember, did you have anything to do with your older sister's broken leg?

    Who? Me?

    Naaaa... I can honestly say that I had nothing to do with that particular injury. She was walking down the stairs at school and tripped and fell. She didn't actually break her leg, she just tore a ligament. Anyway, she did enjoy all the attention the walking cast got her!

    Come to think about it... I don't think I "officially" broke any of my bones when growing up. You see, my parents wouldn't bring me to the Dr until I coughed up at least a pint of blood. Over time I'm sure I did break a few fingers and fractured one of my heels. Instead of paying a Dr, my parents would just tape a popsicle stick to which-ever finger I happened to break, and they borrowed some crutches while my foot healed.

    Physical therapy? Psssss... what?s that? Once my finger would heal and the Popsicle stick was removed, the finger would not bend because the muscles had shrunk due to not being used. I had to do my own "physical therapy" and gradually make the finger bend further and further. Yes, it hurt, but it had to be done.

  • Elsewhere
    Once I tried to sacrifice my little brother...he still cringes when he hears the phrase 'shrimp on the barbie'.

    lmao! That's too funny!

    Then when i got older it was fun to spray my aqua net hairspray infront of a lighter.

    Yup! Did that too... with spray paint, hairspray, moose, WD-40, and anything else I could get my hands on!

    I almost burned down Morino Vally, California doing that. A little safty tip: If you live in an area overgrown with tall brown grass... playing with fire is a very very bad idea. You'd be amazed at how quickly fire spreads in that stuff. (fortunatly the wind was blowing toward a solid fence and the fire burned itself out)

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    Thanks, Elsewhere! This is a fun topic! Makes me wonder how we all did survive, and grow get older!

  • undercover

    I got to thinking....a flood of childhood memories came back...

    I never owned helmets or pads of any kind for bikes, skateboards, scooters, minibikes, etc.

    I lived in the same neighborhood with some cousins and we got into all kinds of shit.

    We stole our dad's garden tractors and raced em and wrecked em. We got em stuck in the woods one time and had to walk home and fess up that we took em.

    We wrecked our minibikes so many times, but no broken bones. We raced bikes down steep inclines and tried to jump over homemade ramps. I said "tried". Not too successful. No broken bones but a few busted up bikes.

    We built a new treehouse every summer. One year, we tried to get too many kids in it and it came crashing down to the ground.

    Tire swings with rotten rope. Get that baby to swinging and that rope would break and then you'd get a ride.

    Lawn darts started this thread. My best JW friend got a lawn dart in the arm one time. Had to go to the hospital.

    A cousin got shot in the eye with a BB gun--no joke--I'm serious. We were playing cowboys and indianas. The doctors thought he might lose the eye, but he recovered. He had to wear a pirate patch for a while.

    Countless baseball injuries. I broke a friends nose when I hit a line drive right at face level and the patch in his glove gave way and the ball went through and smashed his nose.

    Broke a cousins collarbone playing pickup football. Ran right over him for a touchdown. Shortest game we ever played. One play from scrimmage and he had to go to the hospital.

    Do kids today have this kind of fun???

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