Did You Have Aspirations In The Organization??

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  • minimus

    Did you think you could someday be a servant, an elder, a regular pioneer, a circuit overseer, etc.???

  • SixofNine

    I once aspirated some Shasta Cola at an assembly; that was no fun.

  • upside/down

    Was well on my way to all of the above--- left it. It's not the "pearl of great value", they make it out to be, an "illusion" really. More like a noose around your neck used to keep you R&F!

    Never Again,


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...aspired to; and been there...being a full time pioneer was VERY overated

  • stopthepain

    well,i always thought i would play some important role at bethel,oh wait,that was my moms dreamyeah,I think anyone raised in the troof or spent considerable time in the troof wanted to m,ake an impact.

  • blondie

    What aspirations can a woman have in the organization unless she finds the right husband and makes him into a sock puppet?

    I saw myself as a Deborah, a Huldah, or perhaps a Jael.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    As a teen who was way too enamored with secret societies moles and such, I would have loved to "infiltrate" the upper circles and get the "real" dirt on the WTBTS. But I hated the little crap I had to do just as a regular publisher, that I knew I couldn't hack through more of it without losing my sanity.

    I think the universe hates me because I was maddeningly enough made an MS and they piled on the work.

  • Peppermint

    I was a witness for 15-20 years. During that whole time I was a publisher, later irregular publisher.

    To be honest the most I ever did in the field ministry was 12 hours, and that was the first month I reported, aside from that I don?t think I ever did more then about 4 hours.

    I tend to be a perfectionist and just couldn?t live up to anything, so lost heart most times. I never even considered that I would be an elder etc.

    I am the same in my secular life, preferring to work on my own which is fine because the world give you scope to do so.

    When I first became a witness I really did respect a lot of the elder elders but now I think there is a big similarity between successful elders and successful hard-nosed businessmen the same types rise in both organisations, they are just suits hungry for power.

  • chappy

    Absolutely!! I aspire to be designated congregation overseer. My first official action would be to announce one of those special talks to be given the following Sunday. This talk to be given by the new overseer (me). I would arrive very early and greet everyone at the front entrance. Stepping onto the stage I would give a brief announcement about the latest publication that had just been released - "Crisis of Concience". I would then commence my talk - exposing as many lies, falsehhoods and dirt about the Watchtower Society that I could cram into the hour alotted.

    Would they throw me out on my ear or would I be tearfully embraced by the rank and file?


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Its a "Position"based Organization thats for sure!

    I was a Reg Pioneer for 2 Years and then appointed a Ms in the early 90,s.I thought i was quite a good one too imho.About 5/6 Years ago i was dangerously close to being an Elder..but though my Hours were good,my Weekend Ministry was pretty negligible.i always preferred a Lie-in to be honest

    The C/o pointed this out to me (being seen to take the lead blah blah...)and i remember thinking how silly the "Hours"arrangement was.It was another nail in my fading away......

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