What does God expect us to ask for in prayer?

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  • Preston
    So, what does God expect us to ask for in prayer that won't displease him, and that he will grant?

    Well...unlike the Watchtower, I would think God would first expect one to use proper sentence structure.

    - Preston

  • what_Truth?

    If prayer doesn't work for you try this experiment.

    1) think of something personal that you want God to help you with. It should be something that you can accomplish physically (losing weight, finding a better job, cut down on your television,etc)

    2) Find a time and a place to pray, choose wisely because you are going to be praying in this place every day at the same time. It should be somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed.

    3) Before you begin read some scriptures that specifically relate to your problem

    4) Now close your eyes and form a picture of God in your mind. What does he look like? Where is he stationed? Is he sitting or standing? What does his voice sound like? Picture yourself Physicaly kneeling before him as vividly as possible

    5) Now that you have this picture firmly in your mind ask him to help you with your problem keep the picture in your mind as vivid as possible

    6) Imediatly after you finish praying reread the scriptures. Then make steps towards solving your problems. For instance, if you are looking for a job check the wanted ads. If you are trying to lose weight plan a low calorie dinner

    This may not be easy or even effective at first. You may initially lose your concentration or may not be able to come up with a clearly defined picture of God. Don't worry, prayer is supposed to take practice. As Jehovah's Witnesses we were trained to simply close our eyes, mutter a few holy sounding phrases off the top of our head (or have someone else mutter them for us) say 'Amen' and get on with what ever we were doing. This doesn't accomplish anything.

    Also, while it may seem selfish to pray for your own desires, keep in mind that in order to help other people you first have to help yourself. Before you can pray for an impossible miricle (i.e. the remission of someone's cancer) you must learn to pray for things that are possible.

    I hope this helps someone here.

  • eyeslice

    I agree with the sentiments of DH and Scooter girl.

    I feel that we should pray that as individuals we are guided by God to his will, other things then fall into perspective.

    Also, I pray for the material and emotional needs of others. I am sure that my family notice that my prayers have changed since the days of being the stereotypical JW. I try to be much more inclusive in my prayers. I pray that God be with all those in need, those with ill health and in poverty. How different from the JWs who pray only for the brothers and sisters under going persecution; how shallow that is.


  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Hear Hear eyeslice...It is something that always troubled me. The selfishness of a JW's prayer..help US...lead US forgive US...give US your spirit..etc..etc

    I like to Thank God..for the miracle of life I can experience, however troublesome. For forgiveness, as I am a worthless peice of Poop, and for mercy!....( I spent too long waiting for that shiney red bike that never did appear)


  • iiz2cool

    Prayer never seemed to work for me. I never got what I asked for, whether for myself or for someone else.

    It also seemed silly to "thank" god for anything, such as praying before a meal. I worked for the damn food! Why should I thank someone else for it? And when I was sick, unemployed, and destitute, it was my non-religious father who helped me out - not any god or congregation member.


  • Elsewhere

    We are supposed to pray that god's will be done.

    Of course the god is going to do its will anyway regardless of what anyone prays. On top of that, this god never communicates with anyone to tell them what its will is to begin with, so everyone is basically left guessing at what they should pray about.

    So, to summarize... the bible says that we are only supposed to pray about what god wants without actually know what god wants. To pray any other way is displeasing to the god.

  • bebu
    We are supposed to pray that god's will be done.
    Of course the god is going to do its will anyway regardless of what anyone prays.

    So, aren't there two types of will being discussed? A moral will and a sovereign will--that is, what God desires and what God permits. God's sovereign will is going to happen anyway, like you say. God's moral will doesn't come by accident, but more individually (IMO).



    I always pray for beer and a bottle of Gibsons Finest. My prayers have always been answered....OUTLAW

  • what_Truth?

    IIz2cool, when you "pray for a meal" you're not actually asking God to bless the food. It's simply a way of associating God with a life source (food). If you eat 3 meals a day then you are remembering God three times a day when you pray for each meal. That's why you don't pray before snacks and coffee breaks.

    Oh yeah, God does not answer those last minute prayers you make on the toilet. How do you like it when someone talks to you during a dump?

  • FairMind

    I pray for help with personal problems and concerns as well as praying for others. Some of my prayers, seemingly been answered. Mostly though my prayers to God are to resolve emotional and mental conflicts within my soul and if these things occur then my prayer has been effective. I really do believe that God hears prayer and sometimes answers them.


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