come on guys, you can do better than this !

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  • deddaisy

    yawn, bore, blah.................come on guys, jw's are getting pretty dusty here, where's the ZEST on this board ? TELL your relatives, friends, etc: hey, you were PART of the U.N., the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society owned a MAJORITY of stock in a JW company that had military contracts, the organization that you represent was FALSE PROPHESYING that the world was going to END in the 1800s through the 1900s, and when YOU can prove to me OTHERWISE, than MAYBE I'll talk to you. These guys are just going along with the program because they've GONE ALONG this far and they don't know what else to do with their lives because ALL of their acquaintances are PART of this organization and their lives are ALMOST Up.............................To turn completely against this organization would be declaring defeat of their very lives. They're screwed. unfortunately they took alot of innocent children along, far into the WT's "Life ever After" Life. That's as far as it goes kids. Don't blame the JW's for your failure in life, that's yours. And don't give the JW's your freedom in life, that's yours.

  • phil78

    Nice comments............. Lets turn up the HEAT in here. This aint no chat board, this is a dicussion forum on all things JW. I was thinking of logging off.


  • Badger

    YEAH! good pep talk, coach! I'm fighting for my son's soul in this!

    Badger, of the "Pass out Crisis of Conscience at the Convention!" class.

  • sf

    Hey deddaisy, good to see you again. I was just in chat saying hello to that bastard AlanF and saw your thread.

    They're screwed. unfortunately they took alot of innocent children along, far into the WT's "Life ever After" Life.

    I agree with your post.

    Take care and goodnight.


  • deddaisy

    wow, response on this board is quick..... I don't know your backgrounds, but I'm assuming you were raised JWs. And, if so, YOU are the ones that felt as if YOU had to tiptoe around J.W. relatives, not bringing up the truth lest your JW relatives abandon you ! I'm certainly not implying that we should argue with our JW relatives, only that we should no longer be ASHAMED of choosing NOT to be JWs. I no longer bring up the "truth," only because I realize my family must face their "truths" on their own. But I am no longer ashamed to put up my Christmas tree, to have a Birthday party for my child, etc.......I no longer live in the shadow of my JW upbringing. The JWs now look like fools to me in the light of the U.N. scandal, military holdings, etc., and I refuse to feel intimidated by their bullshit. I only hope that all that have been intelligent enough, curious enough, etc., will not let this cult go on as if they are one to be respected, for they are not. The WTS RUINED lives, in a time that information was not so easily transmitted. In OUR time, there is NO excuse for householders NOT to be forewarned of the JW's propaganda. The JWs growth should be ZERO, except the JWs offfspring. PRINT out the U.N. PAPERS and give them to your neigbor to GIVE to the JWs in exchange for the Watchtower. MAKE JWs AWARE of the U.N. Fiasco ! DO SOMETHING !!!!! BEFORE a PROSPECTIVE JW CHILD DIES FOR LACK OF BLOOD ! This religion is dangerous !

  • deddaisy

    Hi sKally, sweetie ! it's been awhile since I've been on the board, just stopped in since I got my kid potty-trained Oh well, you know as well as I that there are a lot of us that just need someone to tell us that we're not the screwed up ones, it's the JW's that are SCREWED UP ! my heart goes out out to the teenagers that have been raised in the truth. Maybe it's not so bad as it was in 1974, but believing the world is about to "end" is always a bit TRAUMATIC I think. The WTS steals youth, it steals dreams, it needs to be STOMPED.

  • Golf

    DD, are you as fiesty as you sound? I like your comment about the JW's stealing youth and dreams, so true.

    I get your message, but for me, I put my energies to better uses than on the JW's. Sorry to bore you, how about a game of golf? I promise to make it interesting for you.


  • AloneinOh

    I am one of those who has been tiptoeing for the last 20+yrs. I have to admit though that when I left, I turned my back totally on religion and wouldn't even glance at a news article about any church or religion. I just recently learned the truth about the truth.

    Everyone where I work knows that I am an exjw. I even used to tell them that I believed it was the truth, but I just didn't want to live that way. WELL, for the past couple of weeks I have been informing everyone about what I now know. In the past I never talked about their beliefs, just the fact that I thought it was the truth. Now, I am spilling it all. The majority of my friends are outraged at what I have told them so far. One lady that works for me cried and hugged me and cried some more when I told her about my 20 years of shunning by my entire family. They all had no idea of what really went on with jws.

    Isn't it one of the commandments that I spread "the good news" and the truth about jehovahs organization here on earth? I'm doing just what they ask. How many hours do I need to qualify as an Apostate pioneer? Can I count the time spent burning wbts literature?

    Right now I am in the process of writing a letter to my parents. Basically it will be announcing the fact that I will no longer let the jw beliefs continue to haunt me or have any influence in any of my thoughts or actions ever again. I know that I will be branded an apostate, but thats ok....our relationship has been non-existant for 20 years so I don't need to worry about losing a family that I don't have anyways. Since I am becoming vocal in my opposition to jws I would rather have my parents hear from me that "YES, I am an Apostate and proud of it!" than hear it from someone else. (ever notice how I capitalize Apostate but not jehovah? lol)

    There is also someone on this board that I recently learned I have a common bond of those relative by marriage things. Once I get this letter to my parents I will be able to introduce myself to this person. My sister is gonna' crap her drawers when this person tells her I said hi. I would love to see it.

    It's kind of strange, but I am actually kind of looking forward to being given the label of Apostate. It will be a HUGE burden off of my back.

  • Golf

    AloneinOhio, who's an APOSTATE? The scriptures tell us to 'love' our enemies. Where is this international love that they raise on a flag pole?

    They don't follow or obey what Paul said in Romans 2:21, " you however, the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself?" Where is this Christian Love? Enough said.


  • Gill

    Hi there dedaisy,

    I totally agree with you. We HAVE to do more but it's not that easy.

    IF we don't act slowly and rationally they don't listen, meaning relatives and immeadiately the shutter go up.

    Non Witnesses are not usually all that interested and don't understand or want to understand the ramifications of being a JW so at the moment, as I see it, the WTBTS has the upper hand in this battle, because of their apostasy teachings and shunning. You can't force JWs to listen.

    I suggested the other week paying for large bill boards with obscure messages that might attract the media's and others attention. Then, possible information on the meaning of these would appear on the news shows. Witnesses would be bound to have their attention caught by these FACTS, and perhaps would start thinking about things.

    I have NO idea of what these huge bill boards cost to rent out but I think only one or two strategically place would do the trick.

    For example, 'How do you get to 1914 CE from 607BCE?

    Ans: Through a pyramid!

    Wouldn't you at least have your curiosity raised by something as odd as that?

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