Is Global Warming just a load of BS...

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  • Zep

    I get the impression that a lot of the industrial countries really dont give a sh*t. Recently there seems to be a lot of people saying man has nothing to do with it. Or, that its really not that bad. Govenrnments dont seem to care too greatly either, I'm thinking of Australia and the USA at the moment. Both refuse to sign Kyoto. To them it seems to be a pain in the ass issue that they dont really want to deal with. Too concerned with GDP figures.

    In the mean-time, while we are guzzling gas like there is no tommorrow, some prominient, non-petroleum company aligned scientists are starting to say we might have to switch to Nuclear Power (I dont know if Bush would like that) or dramatically reduce consumption.

    What do you say. Is Greehouse just a load of hype about nothing?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Both refuse to sign Kyoto

    Well, the Kyoto Treaty could have been negotiated better. Both Clinton and Bush didn't like it.

    In the mean-time, while we are guzzling gas like there is no tommorrow,

    I've got to agree with you there... especially now that the Chinese are starting to not only buy cars, but build them and export them. I think that we'll see an alternative fuel within the next decade (hydrogen?).

  • upside/down

    Some food for thought...

    "They" say the oil well fires set by Saddam was the equivelent of over a 1000 years of current automobile emissions.

    "They" say that one volcano eruption puts out more that 10,000 years worth of current auto emissions.

    "They" say the earth is warming (tons of empiracal evidence) and that the sea levels WILL rise. When I was in school in the 70's "they" said that the sea level WOULD rise 2 feet in the next 10-15 years, possibly 6 feet within 20-25 years- like the Dubs "they" have so far been wrong. I grew up near Laguna Beach California and to this day there are rocks that I used to play on, retaining walls, and houses I'm familiar with and the sea level hasn't changed AT ALL in my lifetime, in relation to these immovable things.

    I alway marvel when watching the weather that they give the historic highs and lows. Ever notice how many of the "record" temps are many times over 100 years old, BEFORE INDUSTRIALIZATION? I noticed the highs in Italy a couple summers ago broke 200 year old records! Which means it was this same relative temperature at least 200 years ago.

    While ruination of the earth isn't BS (and IS happening), I think global warming is BS.

    Follow the $$$$, there is a fortune to be made by those waiting in the wings for "big oil" to be de-throned so "they" can take over."Here comes the new boss... Same as the old boss..." - The Who

    Don't get fooled again!

    u/d (I'm no "tree hugger", but I love the earth and the people on it) : )

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    The "Global Warming" politics is big business in itself and needs to be perpetuated to survive. I heard the other night that in the past 100 years that the earth has "warmed" in places 3/4 of one degree. I think a lot of it is B.S., but I also think we need to respect Mother Earth and do a better job (just not get crazy about it).

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Is Greehouse just a load of hype about nothing?

    Absolutley not.

  • Badger

    One thing's for sure...Oil isn't renewable...we better find a new source and quick.

  • Tatiana
    (just not get crazy about it).

    like we've been crazy about screwing it all up?

  • Leolaia

    On the basis of ice core data, Holocene mean temperatures in Finland....

    South Norway:

    Mo i Rana (north Norway):

    These suggest that for most of the Holocene, temperatures were as warm or warmer than they are now. The historical data however are not predictive of the future (as circumstances are somewhat different now, especially with human activity raising CO2 levels), so one cannot say whether this rise is a normal, benign fluctuation -- any sudden change should be taken seriously, least of which for its enormous potential economic impact. But just a thousand years ago, during the warm spell facilitating the Scandinavian expansion of the Norse, temperatures were warmer than they are now.

  • JustTickledPink

    I believe that the earth has it's own cycles... the ice age, the warm age, maybe go back to another ice age, but it's not based on 100 year old temperatures... it might be on a 5,000 year cycle. I don't think with the small sampling they can say one way or the other.

    Also, I do believe that cow poop produces more toxic gases than all our cars. So, why not get rid of all the cows? The fact is, the cows were put in nature with their terrible gas-y poop, why????

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