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  • mrfunkleberry


    Every year about around Christmas I get a knock on my door from Jehovah?s Witnesses. This is not something I discourage or dislike. I believe encouraging debate on important issues is almost frowned on in western culture, and I genuinely enjoy the chance to discuss and learn.

    To this end I would very much like to continue some form of debate with other Jehovah?s Witnesses as I have many questions and ideas I would like to explore.

    I am an atheist looking to debate some important issues of faith and teachings of the bible. I am NOT looking for anything other than a respectful intellectual sharing of ideas. I?m also not interested in other atheist?s opinions; sorry but a debate is not a bunch of people saying ?yeah, I agree?.

    Ideally I?m appealing to an enthusiastic Jehovah?s Witness who has a little time to spend for a chat.


  • zev

    taking a deep breath.......

  • orangefatcat

    Zev, how long does that breathe have to be??


  • Heatmiser

    Welcome to the board.

    I?m appealing to an enthusiastic Jehovah?s Witness who has a little time to spend for a chat.

    I don't think you will find any "enthusiastic" JW's here. This forum is mostly ex jw's. If you want to debate scripture there are many here with great knowledge on WTBS doctrines and policies.


  • Heatmiser


    If you want to debate active JW's here is a good place for it.

  • mrfunkleberry

    Having spent a little time reading some of the posts here, I?m beginning to see what you mean. Oh well.

  • kls

    Okay i'll take this one. Mrfunkleberry if you are here to debate that we think the Jw religion is the right religion or that we still believe then you are on the wrong site because most here are no longer JWs or on their way to fading away from this so called religion.

  • jgnat

    Not many enthusiastic JW's here. We tend to implode their brain cells. My personal experience trying to have an intelligent debate with a Jehovah's Witness was entirely unfruitful, but hey, who am I to say? You might have more fun. Enthusiastic JW's don't associate with the internet. You will have to apply to have a pair show up at your door in person.

    Still interested? Here's the application form.


  • mrfunkleberry

    Okay, seems i made a wrong assumption, about what this forum was about.

    Can anyone point me to some topics on this forum that maybe talks about your experiences with the JW faith, more specifically what turned people away from it? Or what drew people to it?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    There are too numerous to list, but here's a current one that will give you an overview:


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