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  • mrfunkleberry

    Thanks, this is all such a eye opener for me

  • mrfunkleberry

    I had no idea of the scale of torment and sorrow the JW faith has caused/ing. I'm appauled by it.

  • Valis

    Welcome to the forum mrfunkleberry. Yes there are many things you will find here that do not resemble what one would assume is a normal part of Christianity. Most especially the treatment of congregation members and doctrines that lead to the death in a spectrum of children through adults. Sad and in so many ways not excuseable. However, we do have a lot of non JW related stuff which ranges from every day stuff to lots of good biblical discussion. Oh and I was going to mention that you might not find enthusiatic Witnesses, but you will certainly find people who are enthusiastic about them.. Take off your shoes and stay a while.


    District Overbeer

  • HappyDad

    Hi Mrfunkleberry,

    And welcome! If you hang around here for awhile, you will learn much about how the religion has affected the majority of us.

    I was an elder in the religion and even had parts at the major conventions in my area. But that doesn't mean anything now or then. Finding out what it REALLY was and now being free is what means something. That something is called FREE AND HAPPY!


  • mrfunkleberry

    I'm an open minded person who likes a debate, and was looking forward to discuss ideas with those with different beliefs.

    However, having spent some time reading various posts now, i just feel terribly sad. It?s kind of knocked it out of me.

  • mrfunkleberry

    Having said that, i don't think i've ever come across a more valuable site on the internet, and think you all a bunch of pretty decent folks.

  • Honesty

    Hi mrfunkleberry,


    I'm new here too. I wish I could've said that before I became a dub. This place is an eye-opener.

    Jesus was right when he said he came to bring a sword and not peace... I'd elaborate more on that but your hair would stand up on its own for a week or two and you'd have to see the whole staff at your local Mental Health Institute for the rest of your life because they'd be too busy consoling each other until your next appointment.If you weren't passed around like a football one or two of them would commit suicide because they'd start feeling too much of your pain to 'keep enduring until the end.'.

    After almost 15 years of 'Special Service and Privileges' not to mention hundreds of visits to the funny farm so that I could keep up the charade of being fed the rich spiritual delights from the 'faithful and discreet (NOT) slave I could, as well as most here, keep you either entertained or disgusted (depending on how mobid your tastes are) until you couldn't take it anymore.

    Grab a chair and sit a spell.. oops I hope an active dub ain't monitoring, those trances they go into at the meetings whenever the organisation is mentioned give me the willies.

  • jgnat

    Now....if you want to indulge in a rip-roaring debate between a regular Chrisian and the athiest view, we indulge in those regularly. We have a mix of enthusiastic Christians (we would have to be to chum wth athiests), Agnostics/athiests, Bhuddists, Transcendentalists, Pagans, et al. Many of us are fairly lucid as well.

    Check up on wherever Little Toe or Gumby has been, and you are likely to find a lively debate. You are welcome to join in.

    Oh, and WELCOME honesty! I hope your visits here will settle your soul - no more visits to the funny farm!

  • chappy

    I've yet to find a JW who will actually debate with you. If things aren't going their way after a very few minuets they disappear. Now if you want to debate atheism vs belief in God your resourses are endless. You might want to try the talk.origens discussion group. If you're seeking debate with a JW slant, there are a great number of ex-JW's who have a strong belief in God and would enjoy a good debate with you. Want to go a round or two with me? If so, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] or let me know how you want to comunicate.


  • under74

    Welcome to the forum mrfunkleberry and you too honesty.

    Chappy's right there are a lot of people on this forum that'll debate with you.
    There was a thread from about a month and half ago call "Let's play devils advocate"...or something like that. The point of the thread was to ask the author of the thread a question regarding JW doctrine and he was to answer in defense of it...it didn't last that long...but a lot of people are open to debate if you want one.

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