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    Winston Smith :>D

    Hi all, thanks for the nice comments!

    Some thoughts:

    I think they are specifically looking for exJws who have failed in life to prove their point... when they seem someone accomplished, educated, happy, etc... they don't have any fuel to their theory.


    I tend to think that as well. It's much easier for an active JW to dismiss our "apostate" course when a JW leaves and sinks into a life of debauchery, at times worse than most "wordly" people would engage in. Anything that debunks the WTS' image of an apostate IMO is more effective than an outright debate of WTS dogma with a JW.

    i wish i could be that evolved when it comes to the witnesses. i can't stand the sight of them...any of them, anywhere. p.s. please don't anyone use that as a yardstick to measure my "healing" or "recovery", 'cause i know i have come a lonnng way.


    I think that anyone that posts here like you do I&P with such thoughtful ideas should never be viewed as a person who has not come a long way in their healing. I enjoy your posts and I am glad that you have made progress in healing from past wounds.

    For me, I have not been hurt or injured to the level that others here have been. My issue with the WTS was purely with doctrine. Many others here, such as possibly yourself, have not been as fortunate as me and may have experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse by the WTS. For that, IMO, there is a tougher and longer road of healing ahead than what I may have to walk. We are all different and therefore will have a different road to walk for healing. I'm thankful that this forum is here so that I can share my healing process with people who can sympathize with my circumstances and frustrations, even if they have not experienced the same exact thing. In the end, I guess we can't compare our progress of healing to each other as everyone will have different milestones and goals.

    I agree that living well is the best revenge. Except I have no question that when my parents see me living well, their thought is, "Satan will give her whatever she wants just to keep her out of the fold. Of course she's happy." They really don't have a clue.


    I agree. The JW's who are so closed minded and judgmental will rationalize away any success that may come our way. Everything bad that happens to us would be us reaping what we sow from Jehover. Anything good would be Satan rewarding us for leaving the WTS. You can't win. Besides, in light of the above it could be argued that Satan is nicer than jehover anyways

    LOL @ Beamer/Bimmer

    Jared AFAIK is correct RE: BMW cars.

    It is pronounced "beemer", but for the hard-core BMW enthusiast it is still spelled: "Bimmer"

    When you refer to BMW's in your circle of friends as the body style and engine code, chances are you are an enthusiast.

    At the very least, you have to know what a "Roundel" is to qualify as having the BMW sickness a BMW enthusiast

    I was sick after I wrecked my car, but felt comfort knowing that I took the wrecked vehicle to my friend's house to dissemble the car down to the frame to part out. Now the spirit of my car will live on and help other old BMW's stay on the road that much longer.

    Like I said, it's a sickness

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