Quick help please! My Mom wants to see the truth about "the truth"

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  • orangefatcat

    Bebu, thanks for posting those urls. I appriecated it very much

    Gina and Dave you have got so much information now you mother can't help but see the truth for herself. I suspect that she is having niggling thoughts and that is why she has asket to see the proof.

    It sounds promising, all the best.

    Love Orangefatcat..

  • FreedomFrog
    No doubt she'll be posting as soon as she walks back in the door! You may hear it all before I do!

    Man...my husband knows me well.. I'm setting up here, posting, and I haven't talked to him about it. As I was going through all of your posts, it showed to me how wonderful you all are! Thanks for being there for Dave and I. And here's a hug to all of you {{{hug}}}.

    Well, it went well in some parts and tougher in others. The big one was the U.N. that seemed to hit mom. Dad is more of a tougher cookie. Though, I did see him stop in midsentence a couple of times realizing how I came to my conclusions. Dad, though, was very uncomfortable with the COC book...but fortunately I had copied some of it and put it into the packet.

    They didn't jump up with saying "we have to get out now"...but I didn't expect that anyway. It did however put quite a few doubts in mom's head and I did see a little break in dad.

    As I was leaving, it got very emotional. Though some really promising news. Mom said "parents sometimes become softer as time goes". Dad said that he believes that there was a "new light" concerning family and he thinks that we'll be able to talk just not on religion which is EXACTLY what I want. Mom and Dad said "well, your niece and nephews aren't baptized so we don't see why you won't be able to hold them". So it looks like they are trying hard to "get around" the shunning part.

    I think it was interesting though that mom said she prayed all night to Jehovah asking to have patience with me and to understand where I was coming from. At that same time, I also was praying to God to help me have at least one more calm discussion with my mom. And the next morning mom had called.

    Thanks again for being there for us and for your quick responses.


  • Neo


    It's nice to read the way the story is developing!! I'm glad they listened. Please keep us posted!


  • MonkeyPrincess

    wow gina, that is wonderful news. i cant wait to hear how this develops, i know how difficult it can be to try and talk to your parents about something this complex and hoping they will listen. I am sure you will be hearing from them soon, as you probably did put some doubt in their minds,hopefully they will read through it all and take it to heart. You should be so proud of yourself for having the strength to go through with this.


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