Quick help please! My Mom wants to see the truth about "the truth"

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  • FreedomFrog

    OK, this is actually Dave posting for Gina. Her mom called her this morning (the day after we told her we were going to be DF'd soon) and said she wants to see everything Gina's done research on. All of it. She wants to see Ray Franz's books, the whole shmeer. She said something like, "If there's anything to any of this, I want to see it." Shazamm!

    So, what should she say? We're looking for the simplest, most poignant points to bring out for them. The heavy-hitters. What are your thoughts?

    She's leaving in two hours, so time is a huge factor here. We have lots of stuff, but anything you can contribute as "the point that woke me up" would be greatly appreciated!

    (Remember, she called and ASKED for this meeting!)


  • blondie

    First, has she ever commented negatively about the WTS or anything connected with it, no matter how small? Doubts?

    I would go for that.

    Does she have knowledge of JW child abuse cases that were not handled properly? Has she or someone she cares about had their reputation shredded through some JW's gossip and the elder's fluff it off?


  • Balsam

    Freedom Frog,

    Just tell give her COC and tell her to read it and make up her own mind. That you want her to decide for herself what she thinks.

    If she presses you then tell her some basic things but don't overwhelm her. Tell her to read the book. That is everything. Wow how cool she asked to know. Go for it.


  • Angharad

    The hypocrisy of the UN membership ?

    The news articles are online that you could print out.

  • Leolaia

    Add a copy of Gentile Times Reconsidered and Sign of the Last Days -- When?.

  • GetBusyLiving27

    I'd get into the insane blood policy with her.. not many people can rationalize away dead people, and especially not when it comes to dead children.

  • confusedjw

    For me it was the fact that the entire authority of the FDS comes from being appointed in 1919 and that chronology is based on the 2520 days counting from 607.

    Russell didn't come up with one stitch of it on his own and now it is beyond a shadow of doubt proved in Gentile Times Reconsidered that 607 is false.

    ALSO - Ask her to show you in the bible anywhere where God's Organization taught falsehoods as Truth? You could be DF'd for NOT believing that the generation that saw 1914 would see the end and now you could be DF'd if you believe it!

    For a wicked eye opener the transcript of the Walsh trial where Covington and Franz both admit that Unity is more important than truth. So a search for that on the internet. Great stuff

  • confusedjw


    This nicely points out how they taught until 1929 that the date that Jesus took over in heaven was 1874 - no ifs, ands, or buts. It was an undeniable fact. I travelled to Patterson and went to the library of the very old WT and read it myself.

  • GetBusyLiving27

    After you blast her with all this stuff show her some info on cults.., perhaps the FBI website or if you have it the book 'Combating Cult Mind Control'

  • bebu

    If she is online this will be easy. If not, then you can give a simple list (to pique her curiosity)

    Lack of love issues... that you and your mother are aware of.
    UN membership (add URL to UN's letter) http://www.un.org/dpi/ngosection/watchtower.pdf
    586/607 BC miscalculation http://www.607v587.com/
    Welsh trial where Franz "concedes" that the WTBTS must be followed even if a false prophet
    Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz
    The protection of pedophiles by the WTS, and the the DFing of victims
    The uncertainty of what Biblical truth is:

    I pray she's online!!


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