Am I or am I not a Dub?

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  • upside/down

    I've heard in comments here that after 6 months of being "inactive", you're no longer counted and/or taken off "the rolls". To what degree? Locally or at HQ too or both?

    Could someone "in the know" please explain to me the details of this (in the latest "new light").

    I just stopped going after a bogus JC (which didn't convict me) and was asked to just "forget" the "injustice" and those that did it, had ever happened- too much camel smegma for me to "swallow".

    So how does this all work, what's my official "status" with the org? Am I a Dub or not? Do I have to get re-baptized someday? Re-dedicate? If I was ever stupid enough to go back, can I just start "turning in time"? I need some Dub beuracracy explained.



  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ..camel smegma....? bad mental image....

    Upside....I wager to add...What do you think? If you think you are a "Dub"; then you are.

    If you think you are not a "Dub" are not.

    ...I am not a dub; not a dub; not a dub; not a dub....


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...also add, why abide by anything THEY might want to restrict you with? It is what WE think -and do-that matters to us.

  • blondie

    As a fader I can comment:

    You are no longer counted in the numbers that go to NYC, so in that way you are no longer a JW but......

    Some quotes from the WT publications say that if you don't go door to door or preach you cannot be called a JW but then others say that you are still part of the "flock."

    if something you do is a DF offense and it comes to the attention of the elders, you will still be considered a JW and attempts will be made to DF you. Some elders are more "energetic" than others in hunting you down.

    Your baptism is still in effect. That is why when people are re-instated they do not re-baptize you. Years ago there some discussion about some JWs personally feeling they needed to be rebaptized, but the organization does not feel it is necessary or appropriate.

    Of course, you can slip through their fingers if you move, change your name, etc., etc. Usually, then the only people have some idea about you is your immediate JW family which you may stay in touch with.

    You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave
  • LittleToe

    From their perspective (like anyone gives a shyte) you are a dub from the moment you are baptised until the moment you die, DA, or are DF'ed.

    There is flexibility for the Elders to start ignoring you once you've been under the radar for three years, but many don't apply this. It's completely arbitary.

  • calamityjane

    The way it was explained to us by two elders, is that if you are not active in field service you are not considered a JW. Even though we were attending meetings and continuing to act and say we were JW's, unbeknownst to us, we were not considered JW's.

    We found this out after a sheperding visit and mentioning to them about our son's surgery and that we had explained to the doctor that we were JW's and would not accept a blood transfusion. They came out and told us that if we had problems at the hospital, they wouldn't have been able to assist us because we were not active.


  • AlanF

    There are no set rules on this. You're "inactive" after six months, alright, but because the WTS has published no formal rules about when your status as a JW terminates, technically, once you're baptized, you're a JW forever unless you're disfellowshipped or disassociated. However, in practice, what elders or the Society can get away with doing to you, or whether they even might want to, depends on any number of factors. Such factors include:

    How long have you been inactive?
    Are you known in the area as having been a Dub?
    How prominent in the organization were you?
    Do you make waves for local Dubs?
    Do any Dubs view you as a threat?
    How rabid are local elders to "deal" with former JWs?
    Have you done anything to attract attention to yourself in Bethel?

    A number of posters were inactive for more than five years, but remained in the area where they had been Dubs. Eventually the local elders decided to DF or DA them. I've been inactive for more than 20 years, but haven't been viewed as a Dub for most of that time, so even though I'm an active opposer on the Net, I've not been DF'd or DA'd. I also threatened a lawsuit for slander when I was divorced ten years ago, if they did anything. The Society is well aware of the fact that I would almost certainly win a massive lawsuit for slander if they did so today. Note that I have virtually no contact with local Dubs unless they come to the door, and I simply take their trashy literature and turn them away.


  • peggy

    I'm not sure WHO I am anymore. I was an married at 18, husband was appointed an elder at 25, mother of three, now adult children. Seperated but not divorced after 28 years of marriage. Considered inactive in truth, but still attend meetings. I spend time thinking about what I beleive, what I dream of, what my future will be. I tend to waver between life long WTS beliefs, my own gut instinct.

    I have a long way to go!

  • iiz2cool

    After 6 months of not turning field service? reports you're considered inactive?, but they'll continue to keep your publisher record card? on file. Even if you're DF'd or DA'd.


  • upside/down

    The reason I ask isn't that I care what individual "pricks" might think of me - I know who I AM.

    It's because like Paul, I use my "credentials" as a Dub for those RARE instances I have to stand my ground against some psychodub that decides to get in my face. As opposed to me being DF'd, DA'd or a rip roaring "apostate".

    I still feel that I'm right (very arrogant and not the least bit humble I know) and my observation/understanding of many of Christ's teachings are "accurate", They are the ones in error and I will not give them the upper hand so to speak and will not relinquish my rights to my views and understandings. But of course I do this carefully so as to not be "labeled" any worse than I already am. Although shunned by my Dub in-laws many Dubs I bump into while out and about are at least pleasant and civil toward me (this is mostly for my KIDS). That would change drastically should I not "tread lightly" as it were.

    When my kids are grown and out of the nest- then the gloves come off completely. Till then I'm on a narrow path.

    Thank you,


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