Moving to the USA?

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  • Peppermint

    I love wasting my time with online surveys.

    Just now I found this site. You feed it with a whole load of information and it tells you where you should live in the USA.

    Now, not being American and knowing this country as little as I do, I am wondering if my results are correct, is this my ideal spot?

    So those of you who live there or near tell me, should I move to:


    What does this result say about me? Should I pack my bags now, or stay where I am?

  • JustTickledPink

    Where the hell is that?

    I know North Carolina a bit, and have never heard of that town. I think if you want to move someplace you better fly overe here, and check out places yourself. Maybe find a job first and then come over and check out the town.

  • undercover

    It's right off of I-40 as you head into the mountains, if I remember correctly. Small community. Mountains of NC is not a bad place to live.

  • undercover

    double post

  • upside/down

    Try Loveland, Colorado- it's "tits"!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Do an Internet search to find out all you can about the area. That's as easy as it gets.

    If you're well to do, financially speaking, why not pick a more New England or California type of area?


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    Wickenburg Arizona! it's a very pretty little town wrapped around a beautiful wildlife refuge in the Hassayampa River. i pass through it when i take the scenic route to Prescott, and we get ice cream at the Tastee-Freeze and watch the world go by. it's charming and quaint and tourists haven't discovered it yet, yay! (i'm saving up so i can live there when i'm old)

  • Englishman
    "Piss off, you pompous English twit. You burned down the White House and no way are you ever setting foot in the land of the free and the home of the brave".

    Nah...just kidding.

    Actually, Guthrie, Oklahoma is the ideal place for me according to the summation.


  • upside/down

    Does anybody go to Oklahoma on purpose?! (as I brace myself for all the replies from Okies) lol


  • ColdRedRain

    According to the quiz, I'm set to live in the land of Kurt Cobain and Bill Gates.

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