Were You On The Same Wave Length As The Others In The Hall???

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  • Dustin

    I was always the shunned and ignored one. It didn't matter if I was good or bad, I just never fit in. It's nice to know I won't ever have to put up with it again. I do have to say though it was more fun to be a rebel at the hall. It was fun to see how many of the younger ones you could corupt.


  • Mastodon

    I'ts funny. They would be talking about the plans they had for that evening for whatever, parties or the movies or going bowling, and I was right there in their faces and they wouldn't invite me. F*ck them. When I went to see the movie 'Meet the Fockers', I tought the whole story would be played inside a Kingdom Hall.

  • Dustin

    Good call Mastodon. I used to hate that when people would make plans right in front of you, and then give you this "you're not invited look". Stupid bunch of pricks.


  • Valis

    yup, all the talk in the hall was about going to some big camp out they were having...not me though. I asked my mom why and she said "Well maybe you aren't good enough association.." I remember that being one of several moment I knew they were all full of shit and I was proven right. Apparently several of the "theocratic" brothers and sisters were engaging in a bit of the ole heavy pettin. Well one of them go a conscience over it and busted them all...*LOL* Good thing I was content to roam the streets with my skateboard engaged in wholesome physical activity...*LOL* My family also didn't have the money for me to do the other stuff they did so I pretty much had to hang out w/the couple other misfits in the congo. Their loss.


    District Overbeer

  • Gill

    We didn't fit in and I know I didn't fit in as a child.

    They all knew the answers to stupid bible questions, like who was the fourth cousin, twice removed to Enoch and I never wanted to know. They'd play these 'spirtually uplifting games' to encourage us 'odd bods' and their opinion of us just became strikingly obvious. Plus we could never manage to down as much alcohol as they could. (I kid you not!)

    Yeah! We just did not belong there only it took us longer to realise it than it took THEM.

    It takes a certain amount of sheer stupidity to be and remain a JW and be in the IN crowd.

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