I refused a shepherding visit !

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  • Poztate


    always find the best way to shut anyone up is to say "no thank you" and end it.

    I believe in this.Keep it simple.We want to visit you...no thanks...but...no thanks...really...no thanks

    It's really hard for them to grasp that a regular congregation member like you finally discovers these WT policemen have plastic guns.

    That's the TRUTH...They are all shooting blanks.

  • phil78

    What can i say folks...... The advice i alway get is just so simple and easy:

    I believe in this.Keep it simple.We want to visit you...no thanks...but...no thanks...really...no thanks

    Thanks to all.


  • hillbilly

    Phil....... just for giggles this is cool too.

    E, "can we see you ,yadda yadda yadda?"

    Phil, "Actually, since you have me on the phone let's talk about whatever is on your mind ~NOW"

    You will get some hims and haws and the Elder will excuse himself and hang up

    Pre- Emptive stikes toss the average Elder way off script.


  • Odrade

    Hey Phil! How's the baby?

  • phil78


    Hey Phil! How's the baby?

    He's just fine! He was 4 months old on Thursday. Started rolling over about a week and a half ago. He is a bit grissly now, we think he's teething, although its a bit early for that yet. We will just wait and see. Today he has his first "swimming" lesson. Just baby stuff. My wife used to have an older brother, but he drowned in a pool when he was 3. We want to make sure this kid knows what to do in water.

    Thanks very much for asking! See you around.


  • Honesty

    After my wife split with the kids because I read my Bible instead of the literature they left me alone for a couple of months... then the harrasment started.

    One of them would call and ask how I was doing and then say that they missed me, was I OK, did I need anything and when I said no they would invite themselves over. After about 5 minutes of "good ta see you, again" they'd get right down to business.

    "Your estranged wife says you drink all the time."

    "Yes, I do. Would you like some? I'm afraid its the Kroger brand. I can't afford Perrier. BTW, where is my wife? I haven't seen my kids in 6 months?"

    "Uhhh... we don't exactly know where she is (translated- we haven't seen or talked with her today)."

    The next time it would be over how I yelled at the neighborhood kids 2 years ago and she was just getting around to telling them.

    The best one was when they called and I said I wasn't feeling well. Started to hang up and they informed me that 2 members of the cong had seen me leaving a fast food resturant the day before with a young woman who wasn't my wife. I asked what kind of car did we get into and they said separate cars.When I told them it was one of my mental health support therapists and that we had coffee before my therapy session they backed off. Never did answer why the 2 members didn't just ask me if they were that nosy about who it was. I guess the 2 members forgot to read MT 5:23 before they went runnin' to the bros with some dirty laundry. They'd have really freaked out if they knew her boyfriend is a baptist preacher. The poor girl's parents are a lot younger than me. I guess it was the pedophile in them that wanted to know.

    The best thing I ever did was put them on the carpet about the UN deal and watched them squirm under pressure. Especially after the 'thorough witness' complete with all kinds of scriptural evidence from WT's Elder's manual, etc. and then asked them to justify the apostasy from the org. They couldn't wait to make the annoucement that I DA'd myself but they forgot to mention one little thing... that the org had already DA'd itself before I DA'd from it.

    They will not leave you alone unless you make a stand for the real troof and then they twist it as bad as they twist the scriptures if anyone asks why you left. You can't leave quietly unless you move far, far away to another galaxy.

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