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  • ddean3673

    OK, I've been staring at post after post for hours, done weeks of digging on the web, without speaking to a soul. I figure everyone had to start somewhere, so I just decided to throw it out.

    I only recently came out of my "lockdown" phase (where you don't even speak about your feelings about "the truth") and have just started looking around. I know you guys can see my profile, etc, but I had to post this and just ask for some direction. Where do I go, what do I do? I have to assume someone out there knows what I am asking when I say that. Was there ever a time when you just decided it was time to come out into the open and look around at what is out there, time to find others like you? What would you tell someone to do first, looking back?

    Where do I start rebuilding me?

  • Englishman
    Where do I start rebuilding me?

    Find some friends who are also ex's. Failing that, find a good pub!


  • prophecor

    Come on in, it takes a while to get warmed up at first. Theres a lot of folks here that started out just like you. All depends on what you're looking for, what is you need. Theres plenty of energy to around though. Welcome to the club. You'll find where you fit in soon.

  • FMZ

    Welcome mate.

    It's a long, hard road. Took months to actually hit me that every one of my beliefs had to be stripped down and rebuilt from scratch. Oh, I knew it from day one, but it was much longer until I realized just how much of an impact it had on me.

    As far as rebuilding yourself... Don't rush. Take your time, read about what interests you spiritually and otherwise. If you were "in" completely and have lost most of your friends and family, I recommend you take things easy and try to make use of the time you have to yourself now. Just try to experience the world as if you were a kid, look at everything with new eyes and a questioning mind. You will soon learn who you are.

    All in all, enjoy life mate.

    Keith J.

  • Brummie

    ddean, welcome aboard. The fact that you have come out of you're "lockdown" state is a great indication that you have already started to rebuild you. Underneath all that WT doctrine and error is the real you, its like an inner quake has happened and now you are moving all that heavy rubble offa the top of you and seeing daylight again.

    Be patient with yourself, give yourself time to come to you're own realizations, allow yourself to make as many mistakes as you need to make, its all about finding you're feet again, outside of a cult.

    Glad to meet you


  • Valis

    I would say asking yourself that question. But first welcome to the forum. When you read a lot of what is here it can be a bit overwhelming, but one thing that helps is to tell us about your experience and maybe even start with some of the things that lead to your "lock down"..That way we could point you to the correct threads, or at least some ideas. Until then, I would recommend you check these out.

    and then find a good pub..


    District Overbeer

  • Simon

    It can seem like there is a void when you first leave - but I think a lot of that is to do with coming off a treadmill and suddenly having hours and hours of your own time ... to spend doing what you want to do !

    We found it very helpful meeting up with a few people locally (that we met on the board) and have done our own thing. Both my wife and I have started University courses which is something we skipped from being brought up in 'da troof'.

  • frenchbabyface

    Welcome !!!

  • Valis
    We found it very helpful meeting up with a few people locally

    ya Texas really is that big!!!!...


    District Overbeer

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I figure everyone had to start somewhere, so I just decided to throw it out.

    You figured right..... jumping in's the best way to begin most anything (except firewalking... ya got to sort of skim the embers).

    Welcome!! Just stick around for awhile... you'll be amazed at your transformation.

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