"Replacement doctrines" - things which JWs lie about to the interested ones

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  • Pole

    Depending on the denomination of their interlocutor the witnesses often claim that their religion is free of a whole bunch of non-sensical doctrines which are so common in other religions.

    Oftentimes, however, it proves that they have something that I'll call "replacement doctines" - beliefs which which are difficult to figure out for the 'interested ones', but which in the long run prove to be just as bad as the stuff they disclaimed or worse.

    Example: In a Catholic country like Poland, JWs often boast about the fact that they don't have the confession routine, where a person has his/her sins forgiven by a priest who acts as a representative of God. A lot of people like to hear that and count it as an upside of the JW religion.

    What JWs fail to mention however is that they have Judicial Committes. I bet if the average Catholic had the idea of a judicial committee fully explained to him before he decides to sudy with the JWs, he'd probably stick with Catholic confession which may at least be anonymous and doesn't mean going through so much humiliation.

    So that's one thing JWs lie about to the 'interested ones'. Do you know more examples?

    Just to give you a hint of what I mean:

    Unlike millions of people in other religions, Jehovah's Witnesses are free of superstitions.

    Jehovah's Witnesses encourage people to openly discuss religious matters.

    Are the claims above true? Or do the JWs lie about them, because they have their own 'replacement doctrines' which effectively have a similar meaning?


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I have to bring this BTT cause it is so true, & important to anyone in the early stages of indoctrination or "the sucking in" process.

    I was the wife that would not go to the "sucking in" meetings. Soon to be labeled a trouble maker, in order to please the love-bombers my husband of 20 yrs must emotionally dump me. After 5 years of hell, I have fulilled their prophecy of being the one to end the marriage. Funny thing tho, he has dumped everyone else who ever meant anything as well - uses us for fillers - in between kingdom responsibilities and carefully calculated "get-to-gethers" by & with the replacement family.

    Misery loves company they say.

  • Gill

    No we don't follow superstitions, (except we worry if we've missed meetings, assemblys, not put in enough time in field service, just in case Armageddon comes.

    ie, 'he wouldn't have had that car crash if he'd been at the meeting.

    or/ they wouldn't have died in that disaster if they'd been at the meeting!

  • Will Power
    Will Power


    Are the claims above true? Or do the JWs lie about them,

    that is another "replacement". Theocratic War strategy allows them to lie about all of the above - following the principal "it is for their own good" if it gets them to join the club. The JW was doing them a favour! Frickin saving their life ! and gosh darn it if I have to lie well thats what I'm gonna do - they'll thank me later!


  • AlmostAtheist

    'If you're experiencing difficulties in your life -- bad dreams, hearing voices, etc -- you should carefully check your home for articles obtained from questionable sources. Yard sales, flea markets, even worldly relatives can be sources of objects to which demons have attached themselves. Remove these articles from your home. [insert quote from some nutjob that burned the Superman #1 issue purchased at a flea market, then never had a problem with their microwave again.]'

    No, no, they're not superstitious at all...

    "The churches teach their members about Hellfire to scare them into staying in church. We on the other hand merely point out the fact that God will *so* destroy you and those you love if you fail to come to our meetings, go out in service, read our literature, ..."

    They don't have to scare their people. JW's enjoy the 'freedom of the sons of God'.


  • kgfreeperson

    Are demons residing in objects part of official teaching? In other words, is AlmostAtheist's example, something that a JW might read in a Watchtower or find in a Watchtower outline for a talk? I'm trying to figure out if an obsession with demons, especially demons sneaking in on "worldly" objects is a natural extension of the paranoia fostered by the doctrine, or is it explicitly taught.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Oh yes - We believe Jesus is our mediator [in a sense (whispered behind hand rubbing mouth)], the bible does say that and we always say "in Jesus' name"

    after the newbie's first memorial.... well, he is really only the mediator for the ones in the real covenant. But don't worry, if you go to all the meetings, assemblies, service, (insert at least 20 other mandatory things) you'll be considered one of the "friends of" and can possibly benefit from this association. Our up-line in the printing company is our gateway to the divine - so if I were you, you better start working on your down line. !

  • AlmostAtheist
    Are demons residing in objects part of official teaching?

    From a post by Blondie:

    w66 12/15 pp. 739-744 Repelling the Attack of Wicked Spirits

    Yet others unknowingly move into a house long haunted by demons and then, when they come under attack, instead of moving out, they try to defy the demons on their "home ground" or even dare them in some way or other, bringing trouble upon themselves.

    It is very frequently found that one who is having difficulty with the demons has a relative or acquaintance engaged in spiritism. Further investigation usually reveals that such a one has received a gift from the one who is under influence by the demons. Soon after the object or article was brought into one?s house, trouble followed. Sometimes, after a spiritist dies, a surviving relative unwisely takes the household effects of the spiritist into his own home, with tragic consequences. False religious pictures and symbols have also been implicated.

  • melmac

    Just ask them if only Jdubs will be saved at Armageddon... if you're a non-dub they'll go all the way round what they really believe.

  • funkyderek

    "Preaching is voluntary"

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