Questions to ask Ray Franz?

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  • Gill

    Oh! And don't forget to tell him 'THANKS!'

  • lawrence

    Thank him. Also, when Freddy was coining his antitypical world and words, did anyone ever disagree on the G.B. after the 1958 'Thy Will Be Done' Book, which was a precursor to the 2 Revelation compediums of prophetic crap?

  • blondie

    Ask him how he is feeling after the operation and how is that beautiful wife of his?

  • Mary

    Just tell him "thanks" for having the courage to write CoC and to stand up for what he believed in. I wonder if CoC has sold more copies now that we have the internet (and know about what's really going on in the Borg) than when it first came out??

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    Hi Released,

    If I were there with you I would ask Raymond Franz what he thought John 17:17 meant, "Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth." NKJV

    Have a great visit!


  • logansrun

    I hate to be the yin to everyones yang but many ex-Witnesses tend to go a little Ray-overboard. He is just a man and his views are not above criticism. I personally do not understand his position on the role of elders and deacons. It seems extremely obvious to me that these were real positions within the proto-Catholic heirarchy. Ray, if I am correct, views them rather "softly"; almost as metaphors for men that "just happen to be" taking the lead in the congregation. Again, I could be wrong about that, but that's the reading I get. I see Paul as a man who, although a rebel Pharisee, was still very rules-bound and wanted to preserve a measure of law-and-order with the help of an iron fist in the congregations. Ray, of course, wouldn't endorse this "lets not make Christianity too different from Judaism" view of Paul.

    Ray also believes (or at least believed) that the "Last Days" have been going on for nearly 2000 years. It seems rather clear to me that the early Christians believed that the Last Days were imminent in their lifetimes and Jesus just never came.

    Of course, Ray still adheres to a rather literalistic view of the Bible (as well as a view that all organized Christian Churches are unneccessary) so I guess he is rather forced to take the positions he does about the above.

    Nevertheless, he deserves credit where credit is due. I wish him the best.


  • AlmostAtheist
    Starting to sound like idol worship...!!!
    many ex-Witnesses tend to go a little Ray-overboard

    So true, and I don't agree with Ray at all on his religious views. But my praise for him comes from the fact that he took his time to write his views on the organization and suffer the difficulties and expense of getting it published. There have been a few ex-JW's that wrote books, but he's the one in a unique position to reveal the inner-workings that show the Watchtower to be nothing more than a publishing company.

    I have to guess that it is somewhat embarrassing to be Ray. Letters pouring in about how great he is, how much he's appreciated. "Hard to be humble", I would guess.

    Nevertheless, he deserves credit where credit is due.

    Yep, agreed.

  • blondie

    As one of those who has met Ray Franz, I will admit I have never kissed his ring or his feet or been asked to, directly or indirectly.

    I don't see him any different than Alan F, or Amazing, or Barbara Anderson, or Norm, or Kent, people that put themselves on the line to educate us a little about the WTS.

    I'm sure we could say that we don't agree with everything they do and say, but we can appreciate what they have done in providing info on the WTS and say thank you.


  • Released


    I agree that Ray has some controversial points of view,however I belive in most of our cases it was COC that that really started the process and was conformation of the doubts we had(baby steps away from the org). I will ask him however.

    thank you for your response


  • Released

    BY the way I'm not trying to deify the man just find more perspctive on the org and the effects on those at bethel ex;(just how did some doctrinal issues come about?)

    I am aware that he recently had cataract surgery and I will check for you

    Thanks blondie


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