Questions to ask Ray Franz?

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  • Released

    Sunday the 17th Iwill be meeting him for the fist time. I would like some feedback as to any questions you all may have(i have a bunch of my own) of which I will post next sunday night. please keep them as short as possible so I,m not carrying a whole book when i go. I appreciate your participation and look foward to our visit.

    thanks all,


  • seattleniceguy

    Hello Released,

    I don't have any questions, and I know he's probably heard this many, many times, but perhaps you could convey the sincere gratitude and respect that many of us on this board feel for him. I don't think I'm alone in saying he holds a very high status in my mind, and I send my best wishes. He has helped many, including myself.


  • candidlynuts


    i know he gets thousands of letters and emails, i've just read here and a few other ex jw forums. would he say the lack of love shown in congregations is worldwide or just a western thing? so many of us if we had just had a little concern shown, help offered or kindness shown would probably have never left. i'm just wondering if its a system wide pheonomenon (I CANT SPELL BIG WORDS)(most posters i've read are from usa, britain, etc)

    And ditto the above post too.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Yeah, count Gina and I in that "hooray for Ray" group. We bought CoC and Christian Freedom. Please let him know how much we appreciate his taking the time to write his books. A genuinely good and appreciated person.


  • Released

    I appreciate the comments I've read COC but havent gotten christian freedom yet I am told I will get acopy from him

  • Aude_Sapere

    THANK him for boldly, faithfully, and respectfully speaking the Real Truth.

    Financially: Is he in decent position/comfortable enough? Is there a way for people to donate to him and his wife? If so, where and how?

    How did you come to set this appointment to meet? Special project?

    Could you bring a tape recorder and transcript?

    Will you post a photo?

    Starting to sound like idol worship...!!! But really I am extremely grateful.

    Raised in the truth in very abusive household w/ elder father. Pioneered for 3 years in my late 20's. 3rd year of pioneering started to have doubts. 5 years later I knew in my heart that what was tolerated and even encouraged in the congregation was wrong. That was about 12 years ago. I have been suffering with depression for about 25 years with the last 15 being severe (including a nervous breakdown)

    Only last month I realized that I had been trying to reconcile the JW 'truth' with reality and the REAL Truth. What an amazing relief. Things clicking into place. The catalyst was an extremely brief review of COC.

    I have ordered both books and my father (ex-elder) is also extremely anxious to read it. He was amazed even at the little bit I was able to share about 607.

    Sorry for rambling..!! LOL Turning point in my life. The 2nd half will be so much better because of MrFranz and of course all that I have learned and experienced here at JWD. Thank You. THANK YOU!!

    -Aude Sapere (meaning: "Dare to have knowledge/wisdom")

  • Released

    I met an xelder who knows him well and he asked if I would like to meet him(cant turn that down!) he lives suprisingly close by about 45min im told he lives very simply on a few acres and he has somone to help with the upkeep but as to detail Im not yet sure.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Yes, Released, I have one - thanks! I was told recently that at one time some members of the Governing Body would urge certain long-time, respected Bethel residents (or was it just one certain brother?) to "claim to be anointed" so they could then appoint them to positions otherwise not available to them.

    Does he know about this? I have a particular brother in mind, who I'm told resisted their urging, feeling that he was not anointed and would not pretend. But any info on this would be fascinating.

    And of course pass on to him what the others have said before me, that we appreciate so much what he's done for us all, and hope he's well; and what can we do for him?

  • missy04

    One question...altho I'm sure he's already been asked this.."What is the VERY BEST way to show the 'truth about the "Truth"' to someone who can't see past the Watchtower and what the elders say.....? without them deciding yer an apostate and they can't talk to you anymore...

  • Gill

    Hi Released,

    Could you ask Ray if he thinks we should be a little more vocal or outgoing about the falsities in the WTBTS doctrine.

    Myself, I thought at first we should, all us exJWs, but then I began to wonder if the existing JWs would then beging to suffer serious backlash from people when they're calling at the doors. This might then get them to think that the real persecution and Great Tribulation for them was beginning and so could be counter productive.

    What does he think? Should we try harder to get 'the truth about the troof' out there of not?

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