Some people followed Jehovah's Organization, and God killed 'em

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  • loveis

    *** it-1 p. 10 Aaron ***


    was Aaron not punished for making the golden calf?

    Despite his privileged position, Aaron had his shortcomings. During Moses? first 40-day stay on Mount Sinai, "the people congregated themselves about Aaron and said to him: ?Get up, make for us a god who will go ahead of us, because as regards this Moses, the man who led us up out of the land of Egypt, we certainly do not know what has happened to him.?" (Ex 32:1) Aaron acceded and cooperated with these rebellious ones in making a golden calf statue. (Ex 32:2-6) When later confronted by Moses, he gave a weak excuse. (Ex 32:22-24) However, Jehovah did not single him out as the prime wrongdoer but told Moses: "So now let me be, that my anger may blaze against them and I may exterminate them." (Ex 32:10) Moses brought the matter to a showdown by crying: "Who is on Jehovah?s side? To me!" (Ex 32:26) All the sons of Levi responded, and this undoubtedly included Aaron. Three thousand idolaters, probably the prime movers of the rebellion, were slain by them. (Ex 32:28) Nevertheless, Moses later reminded the rest of the people that they, too, bore guilt. (Ex 32:30) Aaron, therefore, was not alone in receiving God?s mercy. His subsequent actions indicated that he was not in heart harmony with the idolatrous movement but simply gave in to the pressure of the rebels. (Ex 32:35) Jehovah showed that Aaron had received his forgiveness by maintaining as valid Aaron?s appointment to become high priest.?Ex 40:12,

  • ezekiel3

    Aaron skips out on bail once again...

    *** w52 5/1 p. 287 Questions from Readers ***

    ? Why was Aaron not punished with leprosy as his sister Miriam was when they spoke against Moses??G. M., Pennsylvania.

    The record of this event is found in Numbers chapter 12, and a plausible explanation can be given. Aaron at that time was high priest in Israel, and according to the requirements of the high priest as given in Leviticus chapter 21, and particularly verses 20, 21, no Israelite of the household of Aaron, who had a plague in his flesh, scurvy or other blemish, could be high priest. So, if Aaron had been smitten with leprosy he would have been ejected from the priesthood, or at least for seven days that the leprosy would continue as in the case of Miriam. (Num. 12:15) It was evidently his office that saved Aaron from such dire punishment. Also, the record is plain that when Miriam was smitten with leprosy it was a painful experience to Aaron and caused him to cry out on her behalf, which brotherly pain that he felt was no doubt punishment enough for him. We would often prefer to endure pain ourselves than to have those we love dearly undergo it.?Num. 12:10-12.

    So if we relate this to the GB...

    If you are wishy-washy (see loveis' previous post) and have a high office you are exempt from accountability. Brilliant!

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    But I put up christmas lights and for that I'm going to die at Armageddon. Yeah, it all makes sense.


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    bump. Great reasoning for showing JWs its not scriptural to follow and obey men without reservation or question.

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