Ding Dong The Dubs Are Here

by Why Georgia 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • bebu

    If you are fading, you may as well keep the door shut.

    But if you are not fading, why not give them a slip of paper with the words:

    site:un.org watchtower

    Tell them to google these two, and click the first link.


  • Forscher

    Funny, I didn't see anyone suggest the obbvious. Call the police and report that four cars were parked in a "no parking" zone.

    Call the police and report that four cars were parked in a "no parking" zone.

    That's the one!!!



  • wednesday

    I would most certainly have called the police and reported them for breaking the parking laws. We have neighbors that do that, and nothing makes me madder than people parking where they are not supposed to.

  • Preston
    I LOVE BOOZE, LOOSE WOMEN AND GAMBLING and CAN"T STAND CHURCH FOLK. I politely tried to "re-direct" his thought and he wouldn't budge- just kept grinnin and repeating himself, till I finally started laughing with him-- and left.

    I'm also certain that Jesus thought about guys like this when he mentioned "the salt of the earth".

  • bisous

    lol ... shortly after reading/posting on this thread , my doorbell rang. Thank gawd it was only a girl scout and not the dreaded ........ jdumbs.

  • TresHappy

    This has been on the website before but this thread seems appropriate in it making a "return visit"...

  • upside/down

    Dude I've got to have that "KNOCKER"- it ROCKS.

    please please please tell me where I can get one!

    (Maybe it's a Freudiand thing?) I don't know


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Well to update you all - I ran to the grocery store because a storm is coming and in New England its almost the law that you must run to the store and buy Milk, Bread, and Batteries.

    The neighbor 2 houses down is married to a police officer and he must have called her because he gets really pissy when anyone parks even near his house.

    She came and put tickets on every car that was parked on that side of the street where there is no parking because of the snow ban.

    When I got back from my quick trip I saw the cars all had bright orange papers under their wipers.

    So our town will have made $100 in revenue from the Dubs.

    The ladies that eventually knocked on my door said........" Oh you speak English - no habla ingles - thank you - gracias" and they tried to give me a magazine which I politely refused.

  • sf
    Call the police and report that four cars were parked in a "no parking" zone.

    That would have been exactly my first move. Of course it takes time for them to actually tow the cars away. But then by that time, they would have been at YOUR door.

    Anyways, Mormons were at my door this morning whilst I was in the jw chatroom. I swear I thought it was jws, yet alas. They had lapel cards on IDENTIFYING themselves (jws don't have such i.d.) I asked "are you here to preach doom and gloom and tell me that the tsunami is only a taste of what god has in store for the human race if i don't study with your religion?" They laughed and said "no". I told them the only interest I have in religion anymore is exposing all of its corruption and deception.

    They offered me the book of morons and I declined stating that they should save it for someone whom may actually want it.

    I bid them a good day and they departed.



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