Funniest Thing You Ever Saw At The Memorial?

by Why Georgia 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wild_Thing

    One year, my brother-in-laws mentally retarded uncle attended the memorial with us. When it was passed down our row and it was passed to him, he started sticking the bread in this coat pockets! My brother in law was several seats and was yelling at him in a whisper voice to put it back (it's hard to reason with a grown 40 year old retarded man). He finally did, but not all of it, as we found out later! We called him "cracker boy" amongst ourselves after that (just a family joke) ... it was kinda funny to call a black man a "cracker boy"! LOL!

  • wannaexit

    I once brought an 80 year old Bible study to the memorial. When the bread came around she grabbed for a piece.

    She knew she wasn't supposed to eat it but she wanted a piece as a souvenir.

    Well my mother who was sitting next to her had to make sure that the bread stayed in the plate. They started to bicker. My mother was determined not let the old lady have it and the old lady was determined to get a piece and put it in her purse. I don't remember who won.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I couldn't understand why parents didn't teach their children that on that occassion it was not a time to play and eat the bread. It use to infuriate me when parents let their kids do that running around.

    It was a complete lack of respect and the parents should have been counselled for allowing their beasts to do that.

    What's so wonderful is that the children could sense that the Memorial "celebration" was a sham - but the adults could not. Children are not "beasts" - they're treasures to be taught well. Good point above, that the parents needed to teach their children how to behave. They can't know unless they've been taught.

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