Funniest Thing You Ever Saw At The Memorial?

by Why Georgia 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I'm wondering what the funniest thing you ever saw at the Memorial was?

    For me it was when one of the mentally ill ladies in the congregation came to the KH with the back of her dress cut out because she said she was telling the demons to kiss her butt.

    She walked right up to the front row, past everyone and sat down.

    There were brothers running to block everyones view but it was quite clear that she was not even wearing undies.

    This particular sister was always talking about the demons.

  • blondie

    Why, I have been to over 45 Memorials and never seen anything really funny and never anything like that, even at non-JW functions. I would say that is one in a million. While I don't agree with many things JWs do and say, I would never find something like that funny. I would have felt sad for the dignity of that woman.

    Love, Blondie

  • kls

    There were brothers running to block everyones view but it was quite clear that she was not even wearing undies,,,,,,,LOL,,,,,,Ya no mental illness there.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    An older sister loudly shit her pants on her way down the aisle to the bathroom.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    I know I am bad in finding humor in that.

    This particular sister was told it was her duty to Jehovah not to go do the door to door work. I had never ever heard that from the brothers.

    She wouldn't take medication for her mental illness because she felt if she prayed enough to Jehovah she would be okay.

    She would go away for long periods because her family would put her away - they being not witnesses.

    She would be so clear and smart when she was first released.

    Then as soon as all of the medication was out of her system back to being the Wacko of the hall talking to demons.

    I think she definately suffers from Schizophrenia.

    Again, I know its bad to find humor at her expense - but it was the only thing that made that particular memorial edurable.

  • LayLay

    I never experienced anything that was even related to fun while confined within the walls of a kingdom hall!

  • GermanXJW

    When the bread and wine came near her, one interested lady stood up, made the cross sign and said loudly "Praise Jehovah", then she partook.

    Everyone's eyes were on the CO that was present that week.

    He shook his shoulders and said (to the elders) "What do you want me to say? Report one partaking."

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I'm sure this has happened to everyone too.

    When one of the "Friends" brings a new person for the Memorial Festivities and they partake of the emblems.

    I remember one time the brother giving the Memorial Festivus Talk kept repeating over and over that Emblems were just for the Annointed.

    But this didn't stop the visitor from having a snack.

    The sister that brought the visitor was mortified.

  • heretic

    one of my mums calls that came to the meetings for a while was a scitzo(cant spell) and one of her personalitys smoked and swore, it made things interesting.


  • HappyDad

    It wasn't at the memorial, but in our old very small kh that had the restrooms in the basement someone didn't make it in time and threw up all over the steps going down there. Not a minute later, a young "brother" (I hate that term) was heading down to the restroom and very loudly said WHO PUKED?

    Everyone including the "brother" on the platform just started laughing. That is about the funniest thing I can remember about my dub days.


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