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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I have been disfellowshipped for 13 years. Last April, my Mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was still a very active witness until the day she died as is the rest of my family. (who I don't talk to much.) I moved from SLC, Utah, to Portland, OR in 2000. I went home for the funeral which was held in the local Kingdom Hall. I was disgusted at how the proceedings went. They used the gathering,(which consisted of a lot of poeple who weren't Witnesses) as an excuse to pimp the organization and recruit new members. I was horrified at the lack of reference to my mother. It was basically just a lot of bible flipping and scripture quoting followed by a detailed schedule of meeting times in case anyone was interested in coming back to the Kingdom Hall. Afterwards, I was trying my best to get out of there. I got bum-rushed by all these poeple that I hadn't spoken to in over a decade, and that I wasn't suppoised to be talking to now. There was no "Gee, I'm sorry about your mom", just "we'd sure like to see you come back to meetings". All-in-all it was a horrible experience. Thanks for listening. I just wanted to get it off my chest to someone who might understand where I'm coming from.

    Breck Taylor

  • Mary

    Yes, it's disgusting and appalling at the complete lack of love, compassion or even respect, that the Witnesses display at a funeral. They're so frigging concerned about not speaking to someone who's DF'd or DA'd, that all reasoning goes out the window. Just to show you how truly pathetic they can be: Our CO's wife told me a couple of years ago that they went to his brother in law's funeral. It was at a funeral home, not the Hall. There were some relatives who had DA'd themselves a few years before but who were (obviously) there and there was a get together afterwards in one of the rooms, where coffee, tea, sandwiches and cakes were served. Well, the CO's wife told me that neither of them would eat anything, even though she was hungry. I couldn't quite fathom what the reasoning was. Was she on a diet? No, it was because the bible said that you "shouldn't even eat a meal with them", referring to anyone who had left. Even though there were plenty of other Dubs around, they thought that they should obey the bible and not eat anything because they were under the same roof as all these 'postates. I guess they did lots and lots of research on it before hand and came to the conclusion that Jehovah might strike them dead if they had a sandwich. Dumb assholes.

  • ColdRedRain

    That's how it was at my dad's funeral. I swear to god, these jackasses have no edited clue that we might be grieving over the fact that our family members are gone. Instead, they pimp out their religion.

    My father was much more than a edited bible page flipper and a bible thumper. He was the man that would have taken me ice fishing in the winter if he were to live, he would have been the man that would have hung out with me and my girlfriend du jour. But instead, all I have of his welcoming into the great beyond was a fucking pimping of a religion.

    That and the fact that I had all these phonies trying to get me to attend their church and after I told them that I don't believe in god, they kept on bothering me even more, no matter how much I explained to them how their brand of Christianity is a crock.

    And to add insult to injury, I was kicked out of the wake for my own father by a jackass uncle in law who got pissed off after i proclaimed my disbelief in his sky god.

    Anyways, I'll quit rambling.

    But you see JW's true faces during funerals, I.E., they're nothing more than shallow bible pimps.

  • kls

    Welcome : ) The JWS have no respect for the dead only recruitment and when a Jw dies so does that persons charitable contributions

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith


    I gotta say thanks for replying. I have never been to this or any other site like it. It really means a lot ot me. I try till I'm blue in the face to explain to my fiance and "worldy" friends why my dumb-ass family acts the way they do with me, why they wont be at my wedding, etc., etc., It's really cool to know that there are other nice folks out there Who have come from behind the Zion curtain, and can relate to the stupid bullshit that we have all been through.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Hi Low-key,

    First let me say I am sorry for your loss.

    My husbands grandmother died a while back. She was a real pistol! Let me tell you she hated the Jehovahs Witnesses and what they believed in.

    She was protestant and that's that.

    Her 2 JW children decided to have a Witness Funeral. It was disgusting.

    I know she would have been screaming mad.

    The person giving the talk...I call it that because it should have been at the Kingdom Hall actually said at one point......Will you open your bible to__________________.

    Seriously, how many people bring a bible to a funeral at a funeral home?

    They turned it all into a talk about what JW's believe and the good brothers and sisters were actually handing out magazines to people.

    It was absolutely disgusting and has made me hate the idiots at my husbands old hall even more.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that but I am glad you are out.

  • gumby

    Well..... a lot of these unfeeling talks given at funerals can be blamed on the one/ones responsible for the information presented.

    The brother giving the talk must follow the society's outline which unfortunately is a short summary of witness beliefs concerning the dead and their hope. Yes.....the dubs have a captive audience at a funeral service with usually little said of the deceased. Just look at how much time is spent in the Memorial talk about who should and should not partake. Nearly the whole talk is geared that way......much more than it is geared for the purpose of jesus death.

    I too was disgusted at the last witness funeral I attended and felt like jumping up and saying......"enough about what you assholes believe......what about the guy who just died!"


  • Country_Woman

    True, after my mothers funeral service, I was done with the JW's

  • Panda

    LowKey, I sorry both for your loss and dealing with the JW's. Its so sad that they feel the need to push those beliefs onto people gripped by loss and sorrow. I am so so glad to be rid of those unfeeling "good" brothers.

  • Swan

    Dear Breck,

    First of all, a belated welcome to Oregon.

    I am so sorry for your loss and the arrogance of these people. Long ago I made the decision that even if it was a close relative, never again would I set foot in a Kingdom Hall. I can give the memory of my loved one far more honor outside the KH than any elder promoting the upcoming CO's special talk.

    And never forget, you don't have to follow their rules any longer. You can talk to them whenever you like; they are not supposed to talk to you!

    Again, my deepest sympathy.


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