Comments You Will Not Year at the 1-9-05 WT Study (Abbreviated)

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  • stillajwexelder

    They have been trained NOT to think for themselves - anything that would even hint at criticizing the borganization or hinting the borganization had double standards they are just trained to blot out of their minds

  • blondie

    What they don't realize is how many "good" JWs do have DBs and websites in spite of comments like that sister. But they stay in the "closet" so to speak. I suspect that that sister doesn't have a computer nor a job that requires Internet access. In this area, just about every elder (and family) has a computer and Internet access. I wonder about your area. If so that elder was hiding that fact about himself.


    w95 6/15 p. 20 "Sacred Service With Your Power of Reason" ***

    A second way in which we can cultivate our power of reason is to avoid adopting rigid, dogmatic viewpoints. An inflexible outlook hinders the growth of our power of reason. Consider the matter of entertainment. The Bible says: "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." (1 John 5:19) Does this mean that every book, motion picture, or television program produced by the world is corrupt and satanic? Such a view would hardly be reasonable. Of course, some may choose to keep away from television, movies, or secular literature altogether. That is their right, and they should not be criticized for it. But neither should they try to pressure others to take a similar strict stand. The Society has published articles setting forth Bible principles that should enable us to be wisely selective in our relaxation or entertainment. Going beyond these guidelines and exposing ourselves to the immoral thinking, gross violence, or spiritism that is present in much of this world?s entertainment is highly unwise. Really, a wise choice of entertainment demands that we use our power of reason to apply Bible principles so as to have a clear conscience before God and man.?1 Corinthians 10:31-33.

  • blondie

    OldSoul's comments on the WT study this week.

    While COs everywhere have lamented the poor study habits of JWs and dutifully report the dismal state of the "Bible Students" to their Faithful and Discreet Overlords, the ruling class - i.e. the Governing Body, who have begun ruling as kings already - that ruling class claps with glee. No longer required to make sense, no longer fettered by needing even a loose connection to scriptural truths, these men have apostasized from God's Word and encourage others to follow:

    The Watchtower, December 1, Walk in the Way of Integrity

    Page 14, Paragraph 9 states that Psalm 16:7 means "that divine counsel reached the deepest parts of David's being and settled there, correcting his innermost thoughts and emotions." I agree with that statement. That is what it means. However, the expanded application goes on to make an unscriptural claim that no one can support using the Bible alone. The paragraph continues, "So it can be with us if we appreciatively reflect on the counsel that we receive through God's Word, his representatives, and his organization and allow it to settle deep within us. Regularly praying to Jehovah to refine us in this way will help us to walk in integrity."

    No scripture is provided to establish that Jehovah uses any of these three sources of counsel. Now, I can quickly show anyone Hebrews 4:11-13 and demonstrate the power God's Word has in correcting thoughts and emotions. I can readily show anyone Galatians 6:1 and prove that anyone that is qualified by God can use Jehovah's Word and holy spirit to counsel anyone. I can't find any reference in scripture to any organization ever being used by Jehovah to correct anyone. Ever.

    Page 15 and 16, Paragraph 13 asks, "Do we really want to develop close ties with those who do not walk in God's truth?" Well, I sure don't! Anyone would assume that the source of such a question is - beyond any doubt - walking in God's truth. The paragraph goes on to say, "Behind claims of sincerity, apostates may also hide their intent to draw us away from serving Jehovah." There you have it, folks. Anyone labeled "apostate" must have been trying to do just that. There's surely no need to verify the claim of an organization that is responsible for providing counsel, especially since that organization is - beyond any doubt - walking in God's truth.

    Page 16, Paragraph 16 contains the last unscrupulous "gem of wisdom" I will discuss, "And what a spiritual protection the Kingdom-preaching and disciple-making work is! (Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20) Being busy in it helps us keep our hope for the future bright, our faith in God's promises strong, and our love for Jehovah and fellow humans alive."

    This monstrous lie doesn't include any substantiation for the claim that the preaching and disciple-making work would serve as a protection. It includes two over-used scriptures to reinforce the thought that it is a worthwhile thing to litter the world with pamphlets the "integrity-keeping" witness didn't even read, or at least failed to understand. Next, three separate things are promised as a result of "being busy in it" that are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible as results of preaching and teaching. The Bible specifically says that by means of holy spirit each will result from prayerfully digging in God's Word.

    James directly contradicts their stated viewpoint by clearly showing that faith doesn't come from works, but the other way around. No one can increase faith by works, that is never a result of works.

    The rest of the article includes loosely defined warnings against the potential perils posed by perverse people perusing pornography and many other classes of "bad association." There was one general impression that has caught my eye before. In an organization marked by "love among yourselves," isn't it convenient that there are so many classifications for "bad association" that every person in the congregation may be freely shunned by any individual on the basis of at least one.


  • OldSoul

    Sorry 'bout that, Blondie - I just noticed this thread. I'll post my thoughts over there again, since you linked to it.

  • blondie

    No problem, these were so good, I didn't want anybody to miss them. Reading them twice is great.


  • cyber-sista
    How are JWs expected to "witness" to people at work or school if they think these people are out to hurt them?

    My daughter befriended a young witness girl--about 17 at the time who was so paranoid of worldly people that she hardly ever left her home. I knew others too who were overly paranoid. I remember one sister who told me shortly before I left that she meets worldly people sometimes who seem nice ,but you can't fall into their trap-they have ulterior motives-they are just acting nice so that they can lead you astray.

    I feel sad that I passed up some great potential friendships over the years, because of this JW rule. Gladly now that I'm out I have renewed some old friendships and am making some new--all my JW friends have put me out of their lives, which is sad, but really for the best now as I can't handle my assoiciation with them either. Only one out of state sister call me recently--she knows I have been "discouraged" and I think she does care and was trying to "encourage" me by telling me of all the woes in the world and her health problems and everybody else's problems. I felt sorry for her, but it was a real downer talking with her. A lot of JWs seem really lonesome--i know I was. Being told to socialize with a small group of people who you don't particulary have anything in common with is rather stifling and creates a lot of lonliness.

    Thanks blondie,


  • Poztate
    Of course, some may choose to keep away from television, movies, or secular literature altogether. That is their right, and they should not be criticized for it. But neither should they try to pressure others to take a similar strict stand. Of course, some may choose to keep away from television, movies, or secular literature altogether. That is their right, and they should not be criticized for it.

    What a load of B.S. ..If you choose to avoid ALL kinds of entertainment you should not be criticised. BUT..The reality is if instead you choose to watch TV,movies or read books that were not "approved"you could be "stumbling" your brothers and you would be urged to stop.

  • outbutnotdown

    Hide what they are? Some at school or at our place of employment may feign friendship with us for devious purposes. Do we really want to develop close ties with those who do not walk in God?s truth?

    Now I know why they're all so paranoid, reading exaggerated crap like that all the time. Then again, it's also why I used to be so paranoid as well.


  • heathen

    outbutnotdown --- I believe there are plenty of people who feign friendship hoping to take advantage given the opportunity . The sad part is you even find that in the religion . The bible does say that there would be people that would bring suspicion on the group of christians as a whole .

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    When I was at Bethel, they gave counsel about the possible 'bad association' there. I never liked labels because people inevitably use their own projections to apply them.

    What good is counsel when the audience doesn't know how to apply it? I heard an elder in a public talk mention that owning VCRs was bad because of the potential to rent a rated R movie. (He was in his late 40's so he knew what a TV was.) I want to believe that the audience was intelligent enough to know that this idiot was making a ridiculous comment. The only ones thanking him for his insight was an older exCO and his wife and they did not watch TV.

    Blondie, I like the way you use the organizations own writings to reason on their teaching. Anyone can criticize or disagree but using their own words to show their ineptitude is very powerful.

    I have never liked the label 'apostate' as used by an organization that has taught lies as absolute truth. Where has the light become brighter in their world of excuses? Their view of accountability for themselves is just as irresponsible as the way they label others.

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