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  • Shutterbug

    I saw on television three women discussing the election and Zell Millers tald at the republican convention. One of them referred to Sen Millers statement about Dean not knowing anymore about the south than a hog knows about Sunday. One of the women asked "what does that mean? " That is a pretty simple statement, so who is really dumb here. Bug

  • Mastodon

    I'm having a hell of time catching up with all the accents here in Texas. I'm form Puerto Rico, so I have my own little accent, but I work with mexicans and rednecks, plus, were I live i'm surrounded by Koreans and Indians (not injuns, but people form India). At least I have the 'y'all' down to a 't'. Later pardners, I'm going to eat some 'taters.

  • unclebruce

    I once knew a brother with a Queensland drawl - he always wore cowboy boots and a big hat. He never smiled and all he ever spoke was in watchtower 'cleeshays' .. if something unpleasant happened he'd say "aaaww well, critical times haard to deaal with" .. a congregation we were pioneering in had big lighthouse/watchtower shaped contribution boxes and when someone knocked one over on his foot he drawled something about money being the cause of many injurious things

    Queensland = Australian Texas (they even have a town called texas)

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