If The Society REALLY Cared About Preaching The Good News......

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  • minimus

    they would use their BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$ to MAKE SURE thateveryone got the "truth". They won't even allow you to quote from the New World Translation Bible!

  • Mastodon

    Minimus, that goes to show you that even they recognize that their verion of the Scriptures are nothing but fiction. A New York Times Bestseller.

  • AlanF

    Good point.

    Fact is, they're not really interested in spreading "the good news", but only in giving themselves the impression they do. Do they really think they're fooling God?

    A good example is getting rid of magazine subscriptions because the postage is too expensive. Does anyone really think that magazine delivery by local JWs is reliable? When I lived in Switzerland some years ago, delivery was spotty at best.


  • candidlynuts

    correct me if i'm wrong.. but didnt the wtbs BLAST the history of the catholic church for limiting access to the scriptures? i 'm beginning to think the wtbs is the NEW catholic church. their restrictions are archaic.

    how soon till the " inquisitions" begin? oh wait. they HAVE. many many lives are destroyed by them by their actions. even if it isnt at the end of a sword.

  • new light
    new light

    Exactly. Everyone knows the preahing work in its present form is largely a waste of time and resources. Why not buy a few seconds of prime-time TV advertising? This would get the message to millions of people not otherwise available. Why not publish the literature online?

  • Mastodon

    From my experience, standing on a corner holding up a magazine and waiting for people to come to you, looking like a dumbass, didn't do anything but give me TIME to put down on my service report. They really don't give a flying fart for results, they just like seeing lots 'o hour on those damn little pieces of paper. Anything to keep up the illusions.

  • minimus

    The JWs merely have a reputation as door bangers---not people savers. "House-to-house and door-to-door" is what Witnesses do. The Society is content to give the IMAGE that they are "preachers and teachers". You can't preach and teach at not-at-homes!

  • heathen

    They might want to put jesus name on the cover of the magazine regularly , instead of mentioning him in small print on the back of the cover .

  • minimus

    who's he?

  • upside/down

    Rebwer!!!! (That's "praire gibberish" from Blazzing Saddles)


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