Revenge of the Sith

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  • ScoobySnax

    STARWARS STARWARS........Did someone say STARWARS??!!!

    So excited about this one.....

  • Swan

    The Sith Lords is due out on PC next month! Knights of the Old Republic last year had one of the best plots of any game, and IMO, it was better than the last two movies. Has anybody played it on console yet? Does it really rock?

    I can hardly wait.


  • Leolaia

    For the last two I read the scripts ahead of time and knew all the spoilers, but this time I'm gonna let the movie surprise myself. I want to experience the plot twists for myself.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am really looking forward to this movie

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I'm stoked to see all the wookies open a a can of whoop-ass. I hear this one will be PG-13 due to dark,graphic images. The trailer looks pretty solid. Lucas, you'd better redeem yourself with this one. Maybe an asteroid will fall on Jar Jar. (hope, hope.)

  • Sparkplug

    I reference to the material discussed...question, Do any of you in your right mind think this is anything more than a movie. Could you actually make love to a person who wanted to make Jedi knight a religion and if so, how would you feel if only women as large as Jaba turned him on. I really would like imput into this one. I am a fan of the books, and movies, but I know it is fiction and a fun concept, but Jedi with a human 2005 following real worship? What is your thought?

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I'm just a fan of the movies, sparkplug. Just like everything else in life, people can get carried away with stuff. I work with a guy who thinks he's a paduwan jedi. He's also a full-fledged idiot.But when you think about it, thinking you're a jedi, or believing that you're one of 144,000 elite super-witnesses are both pretty rediculous ideas/delusions of grandeur.

  • Sparkplug

    Well, crazy as it is to ask opinions from faceless people on a web post.... I sometimes need to to that I am not crazy for leaving a marriage to a full fledged idiot who really wanted to make a religion out of the Jedi. My argument was that the Jedi concepts were man made and came from research into real world concepts and ideas, thus worshiping a Jedi and really going to that extreme was wacked. Something about the wierdo and now declaring himself a warlock seemed very very David Karesh "like" Spooky. Making sure Jaba the hut did not turn everyone on in an intimate

    Yeah I always thought that too. Seeing one person married into my family claimed at one time to be 144,000. I thought "Well God cant be choosy if he picks a homeless 38 yr old that works at a car wash for a living and sniffs actual Garlic up his nose to cure any one of the menatal ailments he has had and recovered from using aromatherapy, or non aromatherapy... WIERDOS....

    Definitely read..."The book of Fred" Very funny in a sad way

  • mkr32208

    I didn't think the first two were that bad! Jar jar was junk whoever edited those must have been a bit off but other than that they were alright! I think people's exp. were just too high!

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    f you really want spoilers go to this website is managed by a close friend of George Lucas. There is a full plot summary and even a bit of dialogue. Fans submit questions and get some good answers. Anyway, enjoy.

    wow, Van Jay, that site has a lot of good stuff on it - thanks!

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