Two Memorials

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    See next message, don't know how I got two boxes in here.

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    Yes Dak's father is still an active JW now going on 34 years. He is 58 now. He and I divorced and both of us have remarried. His wife of one year is an active witnesses and our sons don't like her at all. She is whinny and wants all of his attention and is jealous if he tries to pay attention to his sons. She did try to be nice to our youngest son in the beginning when she thought he was going to remain an active witness. But after she married his father things changed and my son hated her, and eventually stopped attending meetings. She stopped talking to him shunning him. No he is not disfellowshipped.

    I know he loved Dak, for that I have no doubt. He believed he was doing what Jehovah demanded of him. He is ignorant like all of us when we were JW's. I hate for his sake that he has turned away from his other two sons because it will likely mean he might never get to see our grandchildren. But perhaps that is is not important to him as much as his desire for the paradise earth and thinking he will see Dak there. I am sure he says to himself, at least I didn't lose all my sons. You know how twisted the JW thinking can be. His wife is in her late 40's so she won't be having any more children for him. He seems content and we are not hostile to each other. In the beginning when I left he was, but since he married he has been peaceable.


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