Do you still Pray?

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  • dh

    prey, yes i am a predator.

  • seeitallclearlynow
    prey, yes i am a predator

    You're not a predator.

    (Unless you want to provide some evidence? )

  • Dan-O

    I guess I was never a good Dub. When the old man would ramble on in prayer at dinner, all I could think about was "Jesus Pete ... Hurry up with it, already!" It always seemed like it took him forever to get around to the "amen" part. Meanwhile, my food was getting cold. These days Mrs. O prays at dinner with the kids (very different from the prayers I heard as a kid ... shorter, but my food is still getting cold!). I just bow my head respectfully & bide my time. If G Hoover wants to know what I'm thinking, then the Bible says He's a reader of hearts, right?

  • MungoBaobab

    I talk to myself sometimes. Same thing.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    As a JW I ended up with a couple of basic prayers that just rolled out when I had to pray for others - like at metings. Sometimes I meant them, but only when I wanted to express somthing to the people I was in front of - usually making up with nicness what the other bastards took away with their meaness.

    My wife would get cranky if I tried not to do it at meal time, I frequently 'forgot' and had to be 'reminded'... I didn't really believe in a God (although I pretended to myself that I did) so it was no more than a physical activity to me and a pretty silly one at that!! It was the first thing to go.

    I did get a bit emotional and offer a general prayer to whatever/whomever might be listening after GWB gave his divisive 'you're with us or against us' speach as it brought back all the JW persecution complexes (being that I prefer liberal democracy and progressive social policy over half-hearted totalitarianism). But I've never felt the need before or since, and felt a bit silly after the event.

    Regards, Max

  • Eyebrow2
    Not until spring when I start praying to Ted Williams.

    You are one of the few people I know that has ever had a prayer actually answered hahah.

    I prayed quite a bit as a witness. I don't think I have prayed in about 5 years. I tried to separate God from the witnesses, but it has been difficult. I wouldn't say I don't believe in a god like being, but I don't think I can pray to a god of the Old Testament. And I don't believe Jesus is God, nor do I believe he was God's son anymore; I think he was just a very kind, wise fellow that saw that the Jewish people were being oppressed by a religion that had a vengeful and jealous god. I think he really believe he was God's son. I think he got a lot done; its just too bad that the teachings that he passed on to people were warped and over organized, and made just as bad as the Jewish religion of Jesus' day. (I don't mean to offend anyone here that is Jewish...but the Jewish religion of Jesus' day sure did seem burdensome didn't it?)

    Sometimes, when I read about things like an Amber alert, or Sept 11, or the recent Tsnumi, I find myself starting to say an automatic prayer. But then I stop, because I don't know who it is going to, and certainly don't think it helps. Not that it could hurt either, right?

  • frankiespeakin

    Sometimes when I hear of some suffering I may offer a quick prayer like O God those poor people,,and then I wonder how come I don't get upset at all the animals we as a species are making extinct.

    I used to pray for the humiliation of the GB especially when i would think about all the people they are hurting with their lies. But now those type of prayers are very rare. I just wish they all get out of mind control and join the rest of the human race.

  • SixofNine

    No, no prayer. It took about 3 solid years of intense, sincere and honest prayer for god to let me know that he doesn't exist. LOL, I pretty much had to hear Him say it before I'd believe ;-)

  • qwerty
  • qwerty

    I find it very hard to pray anymore, especially when I see things happen like the recent event that wiped out thousands of lives.


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