Do you still Pray?

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  • confusedjw

    Not until spring when I start praying to Ted Williams.

  • Jesika

    I have been disfellowshiped for a long time and didn't pray.........I never felt any connection to "God" either even as a witness.

    Lately I have come to the conclusion that I do believe there is something higher out there. Now whether you call it God, Budda, etc doesnt really matter. I dont go to church or anything like that, and never will......but I kinda just talk through things.....and if I am talking to myself or if there is something out there listening doesnt matter. It is just something I do to clear my head.

    I dont worry myself of having to worship something......I just live my life the best I can and then when I die......well I will find out what is "on the other side".

    When it comes to praying......I think it is a personal decision......instead of required.

    Just my thoughts,


  • melmac

    I do! And even if I didn't believe in God, I would... like Narkissos. Maybe there's a God in each of us...

  • whyamihere

    I pray! Not as much as some but enough. I talk to god really its not like a prayer of asking him things or saying please help whom ever. I pray like I am talking to my best friend. Sometimes my prayers get so long I fall asleep during it. However I pray it may help it may not but I get alot off my chest.


  • snakeizz

    I pray all the time.....although JW's gave me a hazy shady vision of organized religion and scarred me deeply, it also led me to search for a real relationship with God....and I finally have it. It was something that I prayed for and He gave it to me...I didn't have it in the organization....He is real and I know from whom my blessings flow. He has answered too many of my prayers. I have to believe in Him. Prayer is His gift to us. It's our direct link of communication to Him. God is still with us even in the midst of all this madness. He woke us up this morning....that wasn't you that was God. So at least praise Him for that right? He is our Father..and He knows us. We all need that don't be afraid to come to Him....He already knows what you do, so why hide from Him? Going to God in prayer always eases the the guilt, doubt, fear or pain. I encourage you all to give him a holla...LOL

  • LittleToe


    But I don't feel like any organized religion is going to have the answers I seek.

    Not all that surprising really.

    Do any of you feel a connection to God? Do you still pray?

    Yes and yes (predominantly to my big brother), but not as often as maybe I should


    It's really a very simple trade; talk with me, and I'll talk with you.

    I wonder if it's a little like Prophecor's posts, all in italics. My brain switches off and I can't make any sense of it

    A father isn't a father, when he doesn't openly communicate with his very own children.

    You are, of course, assuming that He wants to be your father. On what ground would you lay a claim to be his kid?

  • BrendaCloutier

    I almost never prayed as a witness, except to bow my head and listen if it was a good one, or daydream if it wasn't.

    Today I pray. I pray simply for "god's" (it's) blessings on x-y-z, for love and healing where appropriate, and leave the rest up to the universe.

    Prayer, sending of good intent, is a powerful tool. It had incredible effect on the sender, and can have a profound effect on the receiver. I've been witness to and experienced both.

    I believe in a god-entity but I don't believe it cares.

    I believe in a Jesus-being who is generally responsible for our prayers. Well being? No, I won't go there.

    I also believe in evil. Satan? I won't go there. But it does exist.

    I've heard that "god" only gives us what we can handle in one day. I almost committed suicide during a difficult time in my life believing that - I was gonna cut off my nose to spite my face. So I developed a different belief - Life gives us crap, and "god" carries us when necessary or when we ask. Of course I'm talking about the Jesus-being.



  • eyeslice

    Yes, I still do, personally and with my family at meal times.

    I must admit that though that my prayers have changed for the better. I no longer pray just for the brothers and sisters. I feel that we need to pray for all people in need and want. I feel happier with my prayers now.


  • upside/down

    I prayed the Dub way. Then I stopped - Fell on some serious hardship- STARTED praying, but differently.

    Now I only pray when I truly feel like it and SILENTLY.

    Every time I find myself in "a spot", I find myself turning to prayer... It just seems natural, like a child that runs for it's parents when hurt.

    But I don't "delude" myself with some form of "self therapy", I say what I mean and mean what I say and drop it. I'm sure "Gods" heard it all and I just state my case and be done. After all He's God, He knows what we need before we even ask- but it's till polite to ask.

    Many times I don't even know what to say and I SAY THAT!

    Different strokes for different folks!


  • BrendaCloutier
    God Bless the Whole World. No Exceptions!

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