Jehovah's Witness family wanted for "Trading Spouses"

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  • gespro

    OH MAAN, RANDY!!!!

    My first reaction was 2nd but then

    These are some great ideas I'm reading from everyone! Maybe someone could clue Cat in and secretly have the xjw trade w/ the jw family. Man, the gears are turning...Maybe I'll contact Cat to try to get in on this! My wife would shoot me...

    Randy, you're right! Some JW is going to do it. After doing floors, compromising for $50,000 might work in some of the 'liberal' congos when explaining to the elders.

    It's gonna fly...

  • rosemary
    rosemary must be a it...????

  • Swan

    I remember when I was little there was a movie that was Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice that we weren't allowed to watch. I can't imagine that the JW stance on wife swapping has changed any since then, no matter how mainstream it is becoming on TV.

    I've never seen any of these shows, so don't know how it works. Do they have to sign something first that they won't divorce their spouse after the show is over before they can have the money? Any JW wife who sleeps with another man for the prize money and any JW man who sleeps with another woman would be disfellowshipped for sure. They would have the money, but it might take them a year or more to get reinstated, assuming they didn't divorce each other for adultery. Would it really be worth it to swap spouses for two weeks? Then there is the fear that Armageddon will come before they are in good standing again.

    I just can't imagine and JWs I know doing anything like this. I wouldn't even do this and I am pretty open minded about most things. I wouldn't condemn anyone for it, but I couldn't do it, least of all on national TV.

    And they say gay people make a mockery of marriage? They should pass constitutional amendments against FOX!


  • Leilani
    No thank you, there are some designers on there I wouldn't let design my doghouse or outhouse.

    Hee hee. I know you said to disregard after seeing you mistook it for Trading Spaces, but I must admit I did the same thing. My first thought was "whoa! what are they going to do? Paint murals on the walls of Armageddon? How creepy would that be?".

  • bebu

    Yes, that would be quite an episode!

    Swan, they make the title give the hint that they are really swapping spouses, but there's no sleeping with the other spouse. It's just the role of leadership that's being swapped, when they moms are exchanged. I enjoyed the 2 episodes I watched. Eg, some very family-oriented mom from the south was put with a multi-millionaire family in CA... and the Barbie mom went to her country ranch. The values and communication and styles of parenting were interesting, to say nothing of how the "new" couples tried to work together. I felt very sorry for the "rich" family; they were uncovered as quite impoverished.


  • Swan

    No sleeping together? How do they prevent that? The photographer has to sleep sometime. I'm sorry, but this is just way too sleezy, even for me.

    If the "husband" wants some in the middle of the night, what is to prevent him from putting the moves on his "new wife?" I just don't see how they are going to talk a JW couple, much less the elders, into putting themselves in such a potentially adulterous situation.

    Remember, these are the people who won't even let engaged couples sit together during a Bible meeting. They sure as hell aren't going to let themselves share a roof with an apostate family.


  • new light
    new light
    I'll bet that by the end of the show, someone will get disfellowshipped.

    "You're fired."

  • drwtsn32

    LMAO... has anyone tried passing this info on to JW's they know? To see if they'd go for it?

  • new light
    new light

    This all seems too good to be true.

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