This Is The Wife.

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  • seeitallclearlynow
  • mkr32208

    Next time he forgets just hall off and kick him dead in the ass! Maybe he won't forget again!

  • avishai
    avishai are pigs?

    Yes.....but women are pig F*#$^rs!!!

    *runs away!!!!

  • Scarlet

    That doesn't bother me either HQ but I am another one that Chick doesn't bother me either. Generally when I Introduce myself to people that my husband knows I saw My name is Carly I am Kevin's Wife. And I ask friends hows the wife doing I never knew that there was anything wrong with that.

  • jwbot

    It all depends on contaxt. Sometimes I call my hubby (pre-hubby, actually) the "ball and chain" in introcuctions as a joke. If I really meant it, well thats a sucky relations and why would we be together if thats really the case? In other situations I would not like to be ignored or known only as "Mikes wife". I have a name, I have an identity. At our wedding, when we are introduced at the reception, my name MUST be acknowledged.

  • 144001
    Seriously, I don't understand why English blokes get so embarrassed about their wives so that they have to refer to her as some sort of object.


    Historically, under British law (and American law, which is based on the British common law system), women were considered to be "chattels," a word used to describe a certain type of property. It could be that this is one of the last vestiges of that characterization.

  • Poztate

    It hate this expression and would NEVER use it....The reason...The wife would give me a good knee in the #@$

    The other thing that I think should be thought about is the habit of refering to "the wife" as Mrs.(insert name of hubby) Smith.

    Damm..Most gave up their last name at marriage and now we need their first name to.

  • BobsGirl

    I prefer to be called my hubby's "better half"! ....

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Guess it's better than "This is mah ole lady." Or "This here's the little lady." Or, even worse, "Here's the ole ball and chain." hehehhe.


  • AlanF

    Whaddya mean? I usually introduce Julie as "this here woman I lives with."

    It's objective truth.


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