Does the average JW REALLY and TRULY want to see Armageddon come?

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  • BrendaCloutier

    I don't think waiting and wishing for Armageddon was wanting to have IT happen as much as wanting the "New World" to get here to relieve them of the pain of this life.

    Yes, there are those almighty buttheads that want to see the destruction and death of everyone beneath them, but I don't think they are the majority.


    Psst: Peace begins with me - pass it on!

  • outbutnotdown
    like a bride-to-be, they never see past the wedding day and all the realities marriage can bring. none of them think beyond Armageddon, they just think how awful this world is, and its horrid people, and they can't wait for Jehovah to come down and teach that guy who cut them off in trafiic a lesson...

    Great point Incense_and_Peppermints!! It is sad that to get people to believe Armageddon would be "better" for them, they have to allow themselves to believe first that the "world" is so evil. What a jaded way to go through life.

    Cute point about the traffic situation. By the way, if the drivers are really nasty in Arizona, maybe I'll just let you drive.


  • Mary

    I think the majority of Dubs might not be looking forward specifically to Armageddon, but they certainly would like the New System to come. That way, they won't have to pay off their credit cards, and they can move into dead people's nice big homes on a hill.

  • Preston
    As far as the trip goes, any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Arizona would be nice to see soon.

    You're welcome to visit OUT if you come down here... As for your question, I think most JW's don't know what they really are asking for when they say they want Armageddon to come. They're only picture of what the big "A" is like is from the publications... which looks more like something out of a second rate comic book series than anything else. The vast majority of JWs wouldn't really want to see almost everyone brutally done in along with the whole of our world societies destroyed.... the very thought of the mid afternoon coffee break being thrown out of existence would be too much even...

    - Preston

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    During this recent tragedy, I'll bet alot of "inactive" ones will return to the meetings out of fear none the less.

  • NeonMadman
    NO, I didnt want to see it come. I knew I was just as bad as everyone else, and so knew I wouldnt get through, although I hoped for 20 years a miracle would happen and I would "get it".

    I think that's the key to the thread's question, really - how many of them really are convinced that they themselves are "doing enough" to get through Armageddon anyway? Surely if they don't feel confident in that area, they won't be in any hurry for it to come...

  • FairMind

    Of course Armageddon is coming and so is the Great tribulation! They'll come when God is ready and not until then. Of course believing they are coming and looking forward to it are two separate issues. I think that sub-coconsciously most JWs don't believe it will happen any time soon. They may say they believe we are on the brink but most don't really live as if they believe it


  • blondie

    They want it to come but not to kill their non-JW relatives they like


    They still want TV, movies, video games, all their favorites


    They want to be able to eat meat and go hunting


    They want all the amenities they have now, running water, flush toilets, electricity

    but all without doing anything to make it happen, like building the power plants and being willing to serve 3 eight hour shifts a month


    They want their favorite foods even though the companies who made them will be long gone; they want to have supermarkets but be unwilling to plant a garden


    Sisters will still want their favorite makeup, nail polish, hair stylists, and the malls.




    I have had these conversations with JWs when I was one and realized how little they realized what it takes to make a community run and certainly did not want to do any of the work...God would just to have to wave his wand (right holy spirit).


  • upside/down

    Ah the clean-up...

    What a crock! It wouldnt' take 2 years of nature running it's course and most man made stuff would be gone. It's amaxing how quick plants and animals and good old fashioned weather will destroy stuff.

    If it does come true (God forbid) and I wake up in The Dub Commune of eternity- I'm gonna sneak out make a canoe and find an islane (with some women, and animals to snack on of course). The first thing I'll re-invent is the gun, and if anyone comes to "bug" me... well you get the picture.

    Really I'm not a violent person


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