Does the average JW REALLY and TRULY want to see Armageddon come?

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  • outbutnotdown

    What percentage of JW's do you think would be happy to wake up tomorrow and honestly see all the people dying and everything else that goes along with Armageddon as they've been taught?

    On the other hand, how many use the religion/belief as a way to feel superior to others and would never really want to see all that suffering or perhaps just wouldn't want to do the clean-up work after?

    I guess a third question is warranted, based on their teachings...... How many hope they die a natural death and will be resurrected after all the nasty sh*t goes down?

  • all_forgiving

    I really don't think you ever have to worry about it happening. no one on this planet is better then another. Your mind has been feed to many lies by the Elders. If anyone who sure be punished is them for putting all those fears into you and forcing you to shun family and friends in exile.

    A true God is never angry and vengful.

    See the world and open your eyes and mind.

  • outbutnotdown

    Remind me not to post topics at 6:30 A.M., when, despite being exhausted, I have not gotten to sleep yet.


    Thanks for the advice and I will use it to remember to take a trip soon, but I am not a JW, never want to be one again and have my eyes FULLY open to that organization. I was just asking it hypothetically, as in how how many JW's really want to witness what they are taught to believe will happen.

    As far as the trip goes, any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Arizona would be nice to see soon.


  • Jim_TX

    "A true God is never angry and vengful."

    I find that statement interesting, in light of what is written in the Old Testament.


    Jim TX

  • Jim_TX


    This topic brings to mind many of the things I have been thinking of lately. It seems that the JWs are taught many things. (I hope I can put this in words that make sense.)

    I guess I would use 'mixed-signals' to describe what they are taught.

    Armageddon: Everyone who is not a JW will be destroyed - Oh. God is love. Show compassion. *twitch*

    Education: Don't pursue an education beyond what the state requires - pioneer - this 'old system' won't be around much longer - go to Bethel. Bethel is looking for people... only taking applications from those who have a college degree in {fill in the blank}.

    The list of mixed-signals is endless. It is also impossible to pin them down on any of these - as they will look heavenward and utter some nonsense like "Wait on Jehovah." That is so they don't have to even attempt to process the mixed-signals.

    As to the disaster that has recently happened - after a while - JWs become numb to things like this. When it happens - their first thoughts are that the big 'A' is beginning. As the days and weeks unfold and the magnitude of the tragedy unfolds, they are still left cold as they no longer have the ability to show compassion for those... who are not JWs.

    Mixed-signals. Isn't that part of what Jim Jones did with his 'followers'? Keep them off balance? Put a gun to their heads and tell them they were going to die right there?



    Jim TX

  • outbutnotdown


    I was thinking the other day about cults that actually do knock themselves off. (I do have a great respect for life) but it's interesting that some of the "Kool-Aid" and "We'll go off in a space ship behind a comet" cults that do wipe themselves out sort end some of these people's mental/emotional miseries.

    JW's do it the other way around. They don't physically take the poison, it's just emotionally and spiritually that they do it. Then they go around, in essense telling the whole rest of the world that they are taking poison every moment of their life.

    A good chunk of my relatives are in it, so I'm not necessarily saying I want them to take poison instaed of feeding it to us, but if I had to choose...... better to be rid of 6 million emotional and spiritual blackmailers than 6 billion "better adjusted people (for the most part.

    I hope I don't offend anyone with these statements, I just thought the comparison of different ways cults are run is interesting.


  • JustTickledPink

    I think a lot of them only visualize Armeggedon and the literal acts of destruction for about 1 second, they continue to visualize the pics in the books and mags about how everyone will have these wonderful houses and beautiful yards and everyone will have a lamb and a lion together laying on their front lawn, everyone will be healthy and happy, etc....

    It's not realistic.

  • Sunspot

    I can only speak for myself, and I looked forward to the "day" when all the problems and fears we lived with each day---would be replaced with peace and happiness. It kept me going.

    I didn't dwell on the specifics and what would actually occur to achieve that---I lived under that La-La-Land bubble and the mindset that assured me that "Jehovah would take care of it". Having a nonJW hubby, I had to maintain *some* kind of daily balance to keep me functioning while the "End" was continually "just around the corner".

    Talk about mental gymnastics.....


  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    What percentage of JW's do you think would be happy to wake up tomorrow and honestly see all the people dying and everything else that goes along with Armageddon as they've been taught? ... .....perhaps just wouldn't want to do the clean-up work after?

    like a bride-to-be, they never see past the wedding day and all the realities marriage can bring. none of them think beyond Armageddon, they just think how awful this world is, and its horrid people, and they can't wait for Jehovah to come down and teach that guy who cut them off in trafiic a lesson...

  • vitty

    NO, I didnt want to see it come. I knew I was just as bad as everyone else, and so knew I wouldnt get through, although I hoped for 20 years a miracle would happen and I would "get it".

    After reading E- watchman site im glad I didnt, im sorry but they talk such crap, if anyones still thinks theve got Jehovahs blessing and only they will survive armageddon, go on this site for 5 minutes and you will come off shaking your head.

    Ive only been out 7 months but already that talk feels so alien

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