1/04/05: JW Ignore Tsunami And Praise Themselves for US Hurrican Cleanup

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  • GermanXJW

    I am really grasping for words.

    You may remember the thread about the Watchtower Sites ignoring the South Asian disaster:http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/82640/1.ashx

    Yesterday, they updated their website http://www.jw-media.org/.

    Still, no mention of the tsunami with 150,000 dead. But now this:

    For Immediate Release January 4, 2005

    U.S. hurricane cleanup set to conclude early in 2005

    For the southeastern United States and the Caribbean, the 2004 hurricane season was one

    of the costliest and most devastating on record. Long after their hurricane season officially

    ended, the process of rebuilding will continue.

    As is often the case in such times of need, a Disaster Relief initiative was immediately

    organized by Jehovah’s Witnesses to provide coordinated assistance, using the local

    congregations as a base of operations. For example, during the past year in Houston, Texas, over

    700 homes were rebuilt or repaired following extensive devastation by the previous year’s flood.

    At present, for areas affected by the four hurricanes that caused extensive damage and

    destruction, particularly in Florida, U.S.A., relief work has been progressing well. Of the 1,700

    homes that Jehovah’s Witness volunteers have scheduled to repair or rebuild, about 600 of them

    still need work.

    All such national or international relief efforts are supported by the voluntary donations

    of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

    Contact: J. R. Brown, telephone:

    ( 718 ) 560-5600

  • Golf

    Throw this released info in the file of 'politics.'

  • all_forgiving

    since when has the JW's gave a crap about others? This is news to me. You would think thoses elders would be jumping for joy seeing such distruction and suffering.

  • Kenneson

    700 homes in Texas and 1,700 in Florida repaired. Of the thousands and thousands of homes damaged, it doesn't take a genius to figure how whose homes were repaired. Jehovah's Witnesses first and then those who are studying with the Witnesses (potential converts). Have we heard of Jehovah's Witnesses giving attention to any other non-Witness homes? A pittance. They may claim that they are not discouraged from doing so, but where in its literature does the Watchtower Society encourage it?

    Now, compared to Southeast Asia where millions are homeless, it will be interesting to see what the Watchtower Society will report was done there (when they get around to it). Whatever it will be, I don't see the official Watchtower Society sites http://www.watchtower.org and http://www.jw-media.org all hyped up about it. Do you? Nary a word.

    I hope that somehow newspapers get a hold of this info.

  • Sunspot

    Remember if you had auxialliary pioneered for three months and stopped on the fourth? Your "hours" would go down to the prescribed ten hours a month and you were constantly encouraged to "make room to do more" once again.

    Talks were always geared to remind us that what you are "doing NOW" for Jehovah is what counts and you cannot rest on your laurels basking in the light of past performance.

    Somehow this ties in (in *my* little brain anyway) to the bragging by the WTS about what they DID during last year's hurricanes---but totally ignoring the current Tsunami tragedy.

    They enjoy shifting the focus of dead and gone hurricane relief---away from TODAY'S need of far bigger proportions. The Weasel-Word express has just pulled out of the station ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned for the latest from the Snake Oil Salesmen in Brooklyn with regular UNAWAKE! press releases.


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    What is the real misdeed here by the WTS?

    Is it the fact that the WTS is just plain ignoring the Tsunami disaster?
    Is it the fact that the WTS is praising themselves by noting their work to repair homes damaged in the hurricane, albeit homes that are exclusively JW?s?

    No, the evil deed is this. Look closely:

    600 [JW] homes still need work. This work is supported by donations.

    This is an outright begging for money to benefit their own member?s homes at a time when the entire world has been struck with the worst natural disaster most human beings can ever recall seeing in their lifetime.

    Heartless bastards.

    JW?s: ?The nicest evil people you?ll ever meet.?

  • freedom96

    I sincerely question whether any homes were repaired that were not owned by witnesses. They are after themselves first and foremost.

  • logansrun


    Don't get mad. I like's 'ya and all. But how the hell is simply stating that the work is supported by donations "begging" for money?

    If you run a non-profit organization supported by donations, how are you supposed to advertise this fact? How would you do it?

    Again, don't get mad at me. Don't fling tabouli in my face at Reza's. Just think about this, though.


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D


    LOL, looks like we are addressing the same topic on two threads. I replied on the other one. No need to do it again here.

    Sorry if it's coming across as mad, just posting when I should be working Guess I'm leaving some proper manners behind when replying in my rushed style this morning, my apologies for that.

    Yes, I'm looking FWD to seeing you in Chicago as well. Can't wait!



  • belbab

    Adding to Winston's list:

    Or are they sublty telling their people: Don't be diverting your money to support Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist populations. Look after your own first. Remember the text, anyone does not look after his own, he has renounced the faith.......

    As a side note, the WT pulled out all missionaries out some of those countries in last couple of years or so, I know for sure that is what they did in Pakistan. Also in India, they made announcements that the branch had to support themselves with local funds, no more subsidies from America. This has been mentionned before on this forum, but I forget exactly when or where.


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