a humble prayer from Women who suffered in Spiritual paradise .....

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  • anuva

    may be the inevitable happened , my girlfrind surgically cut me down to ..nothing, by saying , jehovahs witness can never do a thing against bible and god,

    i am gettting ....information from wrong sources.......and she reduced to ashes 2 years to deep love and affection , by saying ....i am worldly ...i am against god and bad....

    i am sorry jgnat i choose to be overoptimistic when u told me about that meaning of ..poem ...."amends" and hard hitting stuff about 'apostates' during christmas time.

    i still beleive that there is some life leftin me to try ..may be she comes to SENSE..she may understand..

    a girl so kind and loving ..... rejected by mother ....and abused sexually by father ....taken as maid by grandmother as maid.....preyed upon by JW love bombing...during her troubled teen years ....

    i thought my selfless love will win her from CHAINS....but i have almost thrown out ...

    may i request from some women who may if they like to help me can write to her email , cause maybe HEARING FROM A FORMER JW may help HER REALIZE THE TRUTH....that i was not lying..... please PM me ..i need help for sake of truth.

    anuva- sad and down ....but still trying to work up .

  • candidlynuts

    your in a time of transition and thats always hard. hang in there it will get better.

  • under74

    sorry Anuva. Wish I had some words for you but I don't. You might have to just tell her you'll be there for her if she ever needs you...but maybe it would be good to move on. You can't change her mind for her. And there aren't any magic words anyone can say to.The only thing you can really do is not sacrifice finding your own happiness. It might seem like the end of the world because your heart is broke but it's not and you'll see it gets easier with a little time.

  • Gill

    It is sometimes the case, not always, but sometimes the case that a person who protests TOO much about something and appears to stick to something, such as a belief, like glue, 'me thinks he doth protest TOO much', and really has strong doubts in their subconscious. Only time is going to tell with this.

    If you can show her unconditional love you may find that in time, she will come round to your way of thinking.

    When my husband told me he wanted NOTHING more to do with 'the truth' I insisited that I still wanted to go to meetings and be a JW but within a few months I came to my senses also.

    As I said, you can never tell. If your girlfriend has had such a difficult life, it may be why she's sticking, or feeling that she want s to stick with the JWs at the moment, because it appears more permanent and the people are meant to be more loving, in theory.

    Time, here is the secret. Watch and see, patiently if you can.

  • anuva

    thanks a lot for the words Gill....

    you are right ..but for me the true irony is this that at this time i am not even in any possible near her , as i am in foreign country due to job problem , and ..it is unfortunate that ONLY through internet , and eMAIL ... a medium that is highly controlled by her God's people.....she became so angry ...that she had said .........

    do not write to me .....

    BYE FOREVER......

    and things like that .....

    it is ture that i have only hope , i stand for her , and i still do , but i am sad , that will i ever be able to be HEARED by her, i asked her that she talks to me once before saying ....goodbye foever....but

    she said , i am being lied and things like that ..... people are misleading me ...

    MY god ...........i shiver thinking that IF the story that i have seen with Jez and many others after their marriage , which desteroys the person , she will not even think about NOW,

    ..perhaps people do not feel pain unless they are hurt their OWN..

    i wish help ..any way anybody can ...


  • jgnat

    Anuva, I hope you don't mind, but I am going to paint a profile of the kind of man and lover you are for the board.

    Anuva was never a Jehovah's Witness, but is deeply in love with one. He reminds me of the chivalrous knights of old, ready to lay down his life for his beloved, in love with unrequited love, considers it blessed sacrifice to give to the point of pain, lives the romance of the noble life. This romance spans continents and a difference in faiths that is chasms deep. They do not live close enough to meet but keep in contact through the 'net and texting. But for Anuva, such a challenge is worthy of his large heart.

    On her part, she has played the martyr for many years. Her family has used her and demand that she continue to provide for all their needs. She is a classic enabler. The JW's reinforce her weakness, by romanticizing her martyrdom to her family. She may not be able to abandon that role. She remains in chains, and Anuva is broken up over it.

    For his beloved, he studied, quietly asking pointed questions of his study partner. He must be far more subtle than I, because he got through the whole book. Things have now come to a head, she has declared him "worldly", and he is losing his beloved.

    Anuva, dear man, you must know in your heart of hearts that even a great love may not be enough. If your sweetheart is not ready to give up her chains, you must let her go. What makes you special, your unique (in this day and age) breadth of love, is not lost, because it resides in you to love deep and hard. You must find the strength to let her go, and move on.

    There is another woman out there, perhaps not as damaged, that is worthy of your love, I assure you.

  • anuva

    ou have yourself lived the life of painful woman suffering , and TELL ME HOW PAINFUL IT WILL BE FOR ME TO KNOW that AFTER I SAW THE PAINFUL PAST OF MY gF and EARNED HER LOVE AND SUPPORT.....And STUDIED bible DILIGENTLY, asked her SEVERAL RElentless SUBTLE QUESTIONS.....

    and AFTER FEW YEARS IF I CHOOSE TO LEAVE NOW I WILL ..end up imagining that MY Gf will be married to HELL and she will be one of painful STORIEs that MAY NEVER be told ........


  • anuva

    ....that i loved deeply ....

    i saw the HELL inside ......

    i saw her heading for that ........

    i tried to Illuminate her ....

    and i was termed a lier......and


    wondering as i will be for rest of life, is it a stupidity to expect that any woman or girl will not understand the pain of Suffering until it happens PERSONALLY to her !!! why do people reject the pain of others.....is the saying ....

    "the least pain in our index finger gives more jitters that destruction of millions of fellow beings"

    so true universally !! or was it that it was my bad luck .

    wondering for life long!!!


  • davidfrost

    Dear friend, Get her to read my posting on the 1/1/2005, which clearly shows all the false dates, and the books from which they come from and even the page numbers. And if she`s got a good heart she`ll see the truth. Take care, David

  • Brummie

    Anuva, I would highly recommend that exjws do not email her at this point, she will be truely offended and maybe scared..

    Sorry to hear how painful all of this has been for you.


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