a humble prayer from Women who suffered in Spiritual paradise .....

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  • anuva

    i had sent PM to you .....i look forrward to talk to you sometime

  • anuva

    you are right brummie......

    i feel i had put up the title in madness and suffocation of the moment....

    i also feel that she will be really offended if exJWs mail to her ..i understand it now..

    thanks for concern


  • anuva


    the whole painful part was that she just put UP a wall.....

    anything in bad light for JWs is taken by her against her own self......she TALKED like as if i am insulting and hurting HER ....by talking even of correction ...


  • BluesBrother
    the whole painful part was that she just put UP a wall.....

    Sadly that is often the case.. If people do not want to be saved from themselves, then they do wish to continue in their safe "comfort zone" of beliefs

    Many of us have wives or husbands who do this every day. People who are otherwise very astute and intelligent have a block when it comes to the WTS. To them the first fact of life is that the Organisation is right, even if it is wrong sometimes. Everything else has to fit around that belief.

    We live in hope.

  • Panda

    Maybe someday she'll rememeber what a good frind you were to her. She obviously doesn't love you in the frantic way young love should be. I am sorry for you but think for a minute:

    What if you were married with children and she decided to up and take them back to her family with her? WOW talk about abandonment! With her mindset there is just no way this relationship would be anything but toxic for you.

    Thank goodness you will not have a lifetime on that roller coaster ride.

  • jgnat

    I worry about you, anuva, because even now you agonize over HER suffering. HER loss at not having someone loyal and loving like you at her side. I am sorry, but this relationship seems so one-sided. She gives to her family, you give to her, and nobody is taking care of your tender heart.

    If you are worried that her soul, her beauty will be forever lost in that pit of a family, perhaps it would help to write a book of her life. It might start out as a personal journal and a way to purge your heart, but I think it might be helpful to record her story. Then you will be reassured that her great sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    Then you can put the book away and start on the story of anuva.

  • anuva

    i understand the feeling of advise you were trying to share with me ,

    but somehow the fact remains that ONLy GOd caused ..me and her to come together .....it was absolutely a chance encounter ......

    and i am still in hope ....hope that if she ever gives me her 1 hour of life ..and she talks to me FACE to FACE......i can assure you she will REALISe where she is TRYING to go ...

    but the most unfortunate part is that ..she had blocked up almost ..she started saying ..do not email me forever, though she still responds to my ` 100 or so email requests to talk to me at least then decide ...

    i hope and pray for best ....


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