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  • Aude_Sapere

    This was funny:

    ...It also helps to look longingly at the Time-Reporting Station and let out the occasional sigh.
  • orangefatcat

    Yes sir ye.

    All you do is write a letter stating you wish them to contact you so that you can be re-instated. There is alot of going over the hot coals with them. They want all the gorey details. Especialy if you did what I did, just never went to any of the requested meetings. So I was disfellowshipped in absentia. I wonder how that goes with God? I mean they become your judge and exicutioner with knowing any details except for the ones you told your ex husband or your sister and then they are so eager to tell the brothers what dastardly deed you committed..

    Oh I did write a letter to the elders of the congregation, and they kept hounding my sister and exhusband to try and get me to call and speak with them. No way hosea. Me I have seen the cruelty of their ways and I wouldn't subject that to myself. I had been privately and publicly reproved a day apart by the elders and I only got drunk once, but then my dad who was an elder wanted to see the book thrown at me. He didn't like me.

    Well thats the scope on the poop.

    As always

    your loving furry friend to the end


  • Sparkplug


    IS that "ITS a MAN!!" backwards? lol

    Makes me think if the lady on Who framedroger rabbit? you know the one thats eyes bug out and she chases after men like elmira after a kitten..

  • Sparkplug

    namasti.. I swear I am dyslecic or retatrded kevin..I cant figure out which one.

  • Namasti

    Hey S parkplug,

    I've been asked that before if Namasti means It's a Man.. Well, Nope, but clever of you to have seen that. I never noticed it. Since you asked:

    Namasti comes from the word Namaste. It's an old Sanskit expression (old Hindu) meaning-- I honor the divine essence within you. Divine to me is this great mystery, the principle of life that we all embody. It's recognizing that this Divine essence in you is the same one in me and thus we are all One.

    Thanks for asking,


  • simplesally

    Don't mind Gumby, he is just missing his Pokey.

  • Sparkplug


    that is very interesting and made me feel a bit ditsy for not thinking deeper. I met a person at a club yesterday and I asked about his ornate tatoos. an hour later after the whole meaning of life embedded on his arm, and feeling again ditsy, he asked to see mine. a huge fairy on my back, and he asked for the story and I stated it was close to free and I want boobs like hers when I grow up. Really I am deeper than that, but the comedy helps.

    Thanks for the education and I like the meaning. Stands for something upright.

  • stillajwexelder

    lots of grovelling also helps

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