Can't be together??

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  • Antonio

    Well this is the deal.. I had met this girl through this guy a while back and we started talkin and we eventually hooked up.. we had been goin out for almost 3 months till tonight.. the thing is shes jw and im catholic but shes in the process of getting baptised but anyway her mom didnt have any problem with it or anything but like i was saying , shes in the process of getting baptised and she has to go on service and stuff and tonight she told me that the elders told her that it is best that she leaves me and that it is best that we not be together , and it is the best for both of us.. but we really love each other.. i dont know anyway that we could be together.. unless i convert to jw? but i dont know .. Help..

  • under74

    tough one...I can't say strongly enough DON'T CONVERT. You need to realize as well that if she doesn't break up with you, you're likey headed for a lot more trouble involving those elders if your relationship gets more serious.

    ....sorry it's not all sunshine.

  • giDeOn aNgELo
    giDeOn aNgELo

    you should not convert if the reason is you want her and needs to be a jw to be with her...anyways...

    why dont you try to mingle with jws there?


  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    i dont know anyway that we could be together.. unless i convert to jw?

    run. runnnnn...............

    (seriously, don't convert. try to see the road ahead, not just this one turn. at least research this religion well online, so you know what it's all about. good luck!)

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    This comes up ALOT on this board, you're not alone.

    First off, DON"T CONVERT!

    2nd, read this thread, you'll find most of your answers here:

    Good luck!

  • Maverick

    The JW's are all about extortion. They will squeeze you into their mold, and try to control you and your GF will their narrow, petty, and elitist view of their place in the world. In time they will gain power over every aspect of your life and the only way to cope and indeed succeed as a witless is to live a double life in which you play the Good Little Witless when your with them and then secretly do whatever you want when your away from them. If you want to live the life of a hypocrite and phony...go for it!

  • Carmel

    RUN! FASTER! GET to high ground or the sunami of cult control will sweep over you and you will drown in the sea of manipulation, guilt and fear!


  • mamas

    dont go by only what you hear in this chatroom! talk to some witnesses. feel them out and associate with them a little bit. if you still need to know more then go branch out and talk to others. its best to go to the link. try goin to the kingdom hall and see what its like. dont take one source over another. do it for yourself

  • Dustin

    Antonio, take it from a person who has been there before. Those elders are evil men, who will try and make your life into hell for taking one of their members. It won't matter even if you do convert. They will always treat you badly. The JW religion also leaves alot of emotional baggage. You just have to decide how much you love her? It better be alot if you're going to try and be with her.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Look for a nice Catholic girl instead. Give your heart time to heal.


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