Can't be together??

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  • Valis

    Just think, you decide to become a Jehovah's Witness. You get to look forward to quite a few things.

    NO Holidays.

    NO Birthdays

    Lots of meetings, a lot more for the average Catholic.

    Lots of sexual hang ups.

    I agree with DY, got find a nice Catholic Girl or three.

  • frenchbabyface

    Oh well you can lose this one (sorry) you'll find way more interesting (on the long run)
    unless she got the point about her religion (real fast - if not ... run away) you don't want to experience their BS (do you?)

  • AlmostAtheist
    dont go by only what you hear in this chatroom! talk to some witnesses. feel them out and associate with them a little bit.

    It's always good advice to check out all sides of a decision before you make it. Visiting a Kingdom Hall isn't going to hurt you. The concern you see here evidenced in the "Run! Run away!" comments is our experience with this religion. Most of us have made a very painful exit from it. See, once you're involved with them, especially if you get baptized, they gain a sort of ownership over you. While you're associating with them, they encourage you to stop associating with your other friends. They would very much like it if you would only hang out with/talk with/spend time with other Jehovah's Witnesses. Trouble is, if you ever decide to leave -- as we have -- you face the prospect of all of your new friends at the Kingdom Hall shunning you. This means they will not talk to you, go out with you, acknowledge you in any way. Most even avoid eye contact. Mothers shun daughters, it's absolute. If anyone talks to a person when they are supposed to shun them, they themselves face shunning.

    So while I agree with mamas that you shouldn't make all your decisions based on one source of info, I can comfortably advise you to take the uncomfortable step of breaking up with this girl, grieving for a bit, and moving on. Only trouble lies ahead if not.


  • Valis

    Also, go see what some other young people are saying or think about your situation. Better to have as many different points of view as possible.


    District Overbeer

  • Scully

    She's basically just told you where her priorites and loyalties are... and they don't have anything to do with you. Is that really the kind of relationship that you want? Do you really want her running to the elders and asking their permission for anything that involves you? Do you really want them knowing your business and running your life, especially where it concerns your romantic relationship with this girl and where it leads?

    If she's cutting you loose so she can go Serve Jehovah?, she's doing you a favor. You don't want to get messed up with that crap. Go find someone who will treat you with the love and respect and dignity that you deserve - she has already proved that she won't, because the elders will always be in your business.

    Love, Scully

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies


    Are you still chasing after this girl????? We told you months ago it was hopeless... Stop killing yourself, move on dude.

    No Apologies(of the wishes-he-was-still-a-teenager class)

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