Feeling Vindictive & Like Causing Trouble

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My husband is a slowly and quietly fading away Jehovahs Witness. I am not nor will I ever be a JW.

    His mother is an absolute witch and I want to out her to her congregation. Everyone thinks she's so wonderful and kind.

    She has treated me like whatever is under the dog doodie on the bottom of her shoes for too many years and I have had it.

    I have been kind, helpful, and have asked my husband to be the same in regard to her even though she does not deserve it.

    A few people from her old congregation that know my husband and I and how his mother treats us are shocked by her behavior.

    I know she likes being one of the "good sisters" at her hall.

    I just want them to know who she really is and what she has done to me, my children and husband.

    Believe me, I don't want to give any power to the Watchtower.

    But I would like to make one of her favorite places in the world a bit less hospitable.

    Am I horrible for feeling this way?

  • mrsjones5

    no youre not horrible. did you feel better after you made your post? i bet you do just a tiny bit.



  • pepheuga

    doing this will likely cement their existing views. if a "good" dub denies allegations that are levelled at him/her by "the world", then other dubs will simply hold the "worldly one" in even greater contempt than they already do, and will probably see the dub as being the sole victim of injustice in the matter.


  • Eyebrow2

    You are not horrible to have these feelings, not at all.

    Dealing with mother in laws is never easy, even when you get along with them. I don't think you should waste any time or energy trying to show what a witch she can be though. It won't matter first of all, because you are not a JW, and the congregation will feel that your being subjective. But more importantly, this is your husband's mother. No matter how badly she and he get a long, it is never worth it to show your mother in law what a witch she really is. Trust me....

    vent about it, do what you can to avoid if possible...but don't drop down to her level. It never works, and it could cause problems between you and your husband in the future. (Watch a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond...that show is funny, but so on the mark with many mother and daughter in law relationships haha)

    Vent here all you want; it does help, trust me! I have a mother in law too. We get along now, but not at first, and she didn't make life easy.

    Glad you are here!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I know .

    I know.

    I don't want to give her one single piece of ammunition against me.

    Return evil to evil to no man or mother in law even if she deserves it.

    I know one day her mask will slip although it won't be soon enough for me.

  • Dustin

    Isn't it amazing how sometimes the ones revered as the best people in the congregation can sometimes be the most evil? I'm sorry to hear about your situation, hang in there. As I slowly faded away my parents blamed my wife who wasn't always a JW, and gladly quit as I did. I hope things eventually get better. I'm sure they will. The JW religion is evil. Things willget better the farther he removes himself. Hopefully the stick falls out of her ass eventually.


  • seesthesky


  • Stefanie

    Does it really matter what they think?

    I just want them to know who she really is and what she has done to me, my children and husband.

    IMO, the best thing you can do is love your family and show them the results that come from the WTS.

    I know one day her mask will slip although it won't be soon enough for me.

    Yes, it will but you will be glad that you didnt waste time and energy on her.

    Welcome to the forum sweetie. I know exactly how you feel.

  • jgnat

    I don't think it would work to try and "out" your mother-in-law. In my experience, anyone who is not branded on the forehead with the JW mark is ignored anyways. Many of these types of strong-willed women have willing sons. Is your husband strong enough to stand up to her manipulations? THAT might be the best revenge.

  • FairMind

    I know the feeling! Wanting revenge gives purpose to life. Some people deserve to be revealed as the hypocrites they are. If you can accomplish it without getting caught and without breaking the law then why not go for it.


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