Do you think their fries are really that good?

by Bumble Bee 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • freedom96

    I think BK's fries are among the worst. I actually won't go there because I don't care for their fries.

  • Country_Woman

    choosing between BurgerKing fries and the one from MacDonalds, I definitive choose the BurgerKing - BUT having a real choice ? Bram Ladage - the best of the Netherlands....

    tastes like home fried fries

  • under74

    Dick's in Seattle. They give you the fries in a paper bag and within a minute that bag is transparent because of the grease. It looks so nasty, yet it's sooo tasty. there an "e" in tasty? tastey doesn't look right....BACK TO THE POINT

    Dick's is the best!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Oh, PUH-leeeeze, people! Yall need to broaden your culinary taste. In California, Rally's fries are absolutely the best....and here in Texas, only Popeye's Chicken serves the very best fries, comparable to Rally's.

  • under74

    They got Popey's everywhere. Never heard of Rally's is there one in San Francisco?

    Dick's is the best.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Rally's Burgers are in Southern Cal., San Diego County, I know, Under.

  • the bandersnatch esq.
    the bandersnatch esq.

    Fries? I don't know about fries, but chips are definitely worth getting yourself wound up over....

  • NeonMadman
    Subway beats them all though

    You got that right! Subway and Quiznos are the only fast food type places I eat at at all since I started Weight Watchers in August of '03. I used to be addicted to those other grease pits, but I've lost 144 lb. since being on WW. I eat lunch at Subway almost every day; a small Roast Beef, Turkey or Ham sub with no cheese is only 5 WW points and I can add Wow potato chips for only one more point. Works very well, and if I lose a total of 200 lb (my present total is near 170 lb, since I lost a few pounds prior to starting with WW), I may apply for Jared's job with Subway. I could handle making a couple hundred thou a year traveling around the country shaking hands with new franchise owners...

  • Special K
    Special K

    Sounds like Weight Watchers is the right diet program for you neonmadman..

    Good for you!.

    I think you should get Jareds job too. You probably lost more weight than he did.


  • NeonMadman

    I think Jared lost around 200 lbs, too...but he's looking chunkier in the latest commercials.

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