Hip Hop Hot or Country Cool?

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  • prophecor

    There's a growing trend for white folks to listen to R&B, Hip Hop & even "Gansta' " Rap music, and its generally accepted in the black community.

    Will there ever come a time when black folks can reasonably get away with listening to Country & Western music and not be affraid of being clowned upon and derided for listening to it?

    Come on, where my homies in 'da hood who secretly listen to C&W at?


  • Dustin

    Sorry, but I hold no prejudice. I'll make fun of anybody for listening to country. But that's alright cause usuallly everyone gives me crap about listening to my good old fashioned heavy metal. As a white boy, I do kind of like the gangsta rap GGGGGGG G-Unit.


  • blondie
  • bigboi

    Country Music = piff!

  • bigboi

    FTR, this a stupid assed thread.

    This thread = not piff.

  • SixofNine

    ggggrrrrrrrrr!!!! Charlie Pride's son owes me 15 bucks!

    phrophecor, white people are clowns when listening to country music, and it's in some of our's blood; black people have no excuse!

  • upside/down

    You mention "country music" and "country & western" and many people don't sense much of a difference. But my father swears there's only two types of "music", COUNTRY & WESTERN! LOL. Many officionado's of the genre will argue back and forth on this. I personally like many types of music. But I can't help but realize and acknowledge that much "traditional" "American" music has it's roots (no pun intended) with Black musicians. The South is the birthplace of much folk, blues and rock music with the black (and some white) communities all over the country contributing to the birth and proliferation of "jazz".

    If there is one thing I've come to realize and appreciate from this forum is that there is nothing worse than trying to force anyone into a specific mold in regards to ANYTHING. It's like a "wine snob", you know- the kind of person that looks down their nose at you if you don't drink the right wine with the right food at the right occassion etc. Who gives a crap- if you like and enjoy it - DRINK IT! and to hell with everyone and their opinions.

    Yo yo - Word Up

    Grand Master U/d!

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    metal. definitely. *throws the horns...

    james hetfield is a lovegod!!!

  • mrsjones5

    I don't understand why some black folks get putdown for listening to stuff other than R&B. I love R&B, I grew up on it. But why cant I expand my listening taste and listen to other stuff? I'm not denying my blackness. How can I? Tthis stuff dont come off (nevermind Micheal Jackson).

    One of the things I'm gonna do this year in honor of my 40th birthday is learn how to country line dance, I'm tired of doing the electric slide and why should white folks have all the fun? lol


  • lonelysheep

    Ooh, Mrs. Jones, the electric slide is part of country western dancing, too!

    I think a time will come when it won't be frowned upon. I was looked at like I was crazy for watching tim mcgraw's tv special. lol! I didn't care, though. Maybe if I was brought up in TN, I'd be more used to it. But living outside NYC, I just don't see country music (the non-pop kind) played at all.

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