Does Talking Negatively About "Jehovah" Bother You??

by minimus 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Talking bad about Jehovah doesn't bother me at all, and it certainly doesn't bother him. Like it's gonna go .. like..

    "Oh... that Jehovah, he like, really makes me irritated."

    "Oh my GAWD, DOn't talk about JEE-HOVAH or he'll kick your ass. YOu know that if you, like, talk bad about JeeHOvah. he can kick your ass. "

    "Oh, okay,.... well what if I just spell his name backwards and THEN say it?":

    Talking bad about GOD now.. that's a DIFFERENT THING and I think I'll have to come over and kick yer erm.. FANNY!

    Country <arse kickin> Girl

  • Sunnygal41
    Left the steps snowy, and wrote Jehovah sux big dix.

    [email protected]!!!! You GO Girl!!!! (this is going to fuel my inner humor all day!)

  • JH

    Talking about anything negatively on the long run is no good.

  • GermanXJW

    No, it does not. I also laughed about Frankie's post.
    But I am not sure how to respect other's feeling about that.

  • new light
    new light

    Nope. Actually, it feels really good at first, because you feel like your being really naughty. The longer you are free, the more mundane it becomes. Maybe a little dirty talking will spice things up. Or maybe I'll fantasize about Allah when I'm doing it.

  • notperfectyet


    A good post,

    I believe in a God, but not the witness version of a human hater.

    he he

    Happy New year Minimus....keep the questions going....................

  • Mary

    Yes it bothers me. I have no problem bashing the Borg, because as far as I'm concerned, they don't represent Him at all. Big difference between bashing God and bashing a man made Organization.

  • Gill

    I like to believe, and whether it's right or wrong I don't know, that God has been painted unfairly in the man written book, the bible and perhaps we've all been misled.

    It seems to me that good, in the end always does triumph over evil, and that people are essentially good. So, I chose to believe that God is mainly or even completely just.

    So, it troubles me to talk badly about God. About Jehovah, if that is his name, then also it would trouble me, but the truth of the name, I'm still not sure about.

    Maybe he's been lied about and slandered by humanity and didn't really do all those things that the Bible claims he did.

    I believe the JWs slander him constantly by threatening us all with eternal destruction. It's mainly religious people who speak negatively about God.

    I like to keep a muted respect believing that everything people say about someone else tends to be wrong any way.

  • Preston

    Jehovah's a shit and piss God and I'd like to kick him in the arse

    I do have a healthy respect for God in general....

    - Preston

  • frankiespeakin

    When I was a kid of about 10 (raised a catholic) I remember how all the women of our neighborhood would be frightened durring thunderstorms but I never really was. Just for fun and to make my younger sister and mother nervous durring a lightning and very loud thunder storm I went out side and and started taunting God saying: "that's not very scary and nanananah-na you can't hit me", sticking my tongue out while looking up in the air. I guess back then I really didn't put much stock in beleiving thier was a God.

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