Does Talking Negatively About "Jehovah" Bother You??

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  • whyamihere

    I don't Talk Negatively about Jehovah...I don't know if thats his real name.

    However I do believe in God I don't make fun of God nor the Gods of other people..

    I do make fun of the Society and Man. Because the Witnesses are men with man made rules and I like to make fun of them now!


  • 95stormfront


    You mean saying anything negative about the WT's petty, self-congratulatory, often-wrong onmiscient sock puppet god jehovah?

    Not at all.

  • steve2

    I should be bothered when I talk negatively about Jehovah. After all, if the Bible is true, he's bigger and stronger than me and could squash me as quick as look at me.

    On the other hand, I've tried to live my life not being intimidated by bullies, and, if the Old Testament is any indication, Jehovah was/is a genocidal monster. However, if coming out of the Watchtower taught me anything, it was to stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for my beliefs. A life lived in fear is a life not worth living. It takes courage to stand up to bullies, and in my view Jehovah is simply a more sophisticated bully than the kids who bashed me up at school because of my then-religious beliefs. I should be bothered, but I'm not. I think it's called "growing up" and standing up for what I believe in. On the other hand, if you're reading this, Jehovah God, I just want to say that I'm only kidding.

  • Dustin

    It did for a little while, probably the first year after I was out. But eventually I realized that if Jehovah did exist I would be screwed at Armagedon anyways. I also am not a slave to a God who uses fear, guilt, and bullying tactics in his so called organization. I realized that if I was going to leave, I had to not be afraid of Jehovah or his cronies anymore. If that means telling God where to put it so be it.

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    I was thinking about this post tonight as I was scooping snow from the front walk and steps. Left the steps snowy, and wrote Jehovah sux big dix. We have had visits two days in a row from the friendly neighborhood goon squad, and was anticipating a threepeat. Hubby said they will quit after two not at homes. So, not to offend my neighbors who may visit, I scooped it off. Buzz kill!

    Besides, I didn't leave room to add 'knock if you think so too.'

  • gumby

    If you were able to see all the little children in photographs that Jehovah had ordered to be killed, saw the Massacre when it was carried out, and saw the bodies of the ones he himself'd spit in his face. I know I'd sure like to spit in his face ........AND.....kick the bastard as hard as I could right in his nutsack!!!!!! Jehovah sucks bigtime and I'm not bothered in the least to say it. Gumby

  • Dustin

    Gumby, I like your style.


  • pepheuga

    nervous? - he dosn't exist, so no.

    guilty - yes but its purely residual guilt - & that will probably never go.

    does it bother me? well, considering him at all bothers me - one wishes he'd just go away. but one can't pretend that he has done whilever innocent kids are being terrorised by his scary image. so one goes on trying to puncture the great myth.


  • ko38


  • ColdRedRain

    Jehovah's only as powerful as we make him to be, because he's a man-made god.

    I can mock him all I want. He won't do anything.

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