Go Back to the Kingdom Hall and Leave Us Alone!

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

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    ....and its almost like they are trying to convince themselves that the doubts they are having could not be true!


  • Gill

    In paraphrased words of Shakespeare: 'Me thinks they do protest too much!"

  • observador

    "Ive tried reasoning with one person who has been inactive for 20 years and its frustrating."

    I have felt precisely the same way. I have learned that the mere fact that one is out for a large number of years doesn't necessarily mean they don't support the WT or the JW religion any longer.

    The indoctrination is so great that quite a few people not only support the "Organization" but also think that is all their fault, even though they're OUT. It is really sad!


  • Aude_Sapere

    I was one of those sad people for many years.

  • one

    There are several stages from illness to recovery, some stages last longer and some people go through all stages faster, depending on immune system and kind of illness. Some people never recover no matter what and die.... doctors just wait and hope but never blame the sick one.

  • justhuman

    Good one !!!

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