Go Back to the Kingdom Hall and Leave Us Alone!

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  • steve2

    Has anyone else observed or even taken part in the strange phenomenon of defending something even when you have doubts about it? It's not a new phenomenon; I think Freud called it "reactive formation". I notice every now and then, JWs and/or their supporters tentatively surface on the JW discussion board. At first, they may only write a couple of negative things about ex-JWs which invariably draws a robust response from other forum members. Before long, the doubting JW comes back with even more negative, shrill-toned and wounded comments about mean ex-JWs. A common theme is, "How can you people be filled with such hate towards the Watchtower Society?" And it goes down hill from there. Curiously, in typical JW fashion, they don't seem to bother reading answers to their exasperated questions. They soon exit the scene by delivering some patronising sermon imploring us to come to our senses.

    I think these people are the mere tip of huge numbers of doubters within the JWs who are ambivalent about the organisation. One part of them is closely emotionally aligned with the organisation (i.e., it gives them hope and helps them make sense of their lives), while other parts of them are curious or hurt or angry about stuff they have experienced in the religion. One way they cope with the torn feelings is to defend the organization, because to them it "proves" that underneath it all, they're not as bad as the apostates.

    I guess I do have some empathy for the troubled JW "believers" who troll through "forbidden" websites so they can periodically offer their self-righteous denunciations about apostates. But, increasingly, I am more inclined to "encourage" them to take some responsibility for themselves: If you believe the Watchtower Society is God's channel, what on earth are you doing here castigating others? Get ye back to the Kingdom Hall, confess your sins and start underlining your latest Watchtower!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Selfrighteous denuciations are simply when one finger points there are three fingers pointing back. All fear induced proclaimations. Can't stand to stay, too afraid of the "world" and "Jehovah's retribution" to leave. Fear is a powerful motivator.

    Yes, I've noticed it, too.


    Peace begins with me

  • DaCheech
  • snakeizz

    Why are they here in the first place? They are supposed to "turn away from every unclean thing, and every work of lawlessness right? They shouldn't even be here. For God sakes there are "apostates" on here! We poison their minds and create room for doubt...we don't want to make them spritually weak do we? People these people are here to satisfy their own curiosity. Like it was said in the first post, they have doubts and questions of their own. I was once one of those people. Defending the orginization and everything it stood for...trying to find some kind of middle ground...then they justify it by trying to say they are trying to help us....these people want to leave but they haven't found the will or strength to do it...so they hide behind their judgements for us...when all they want here is confirmation that they are not alone...and that the orginization and everything they believe in is not what it seems...

  • Sunspot


    WHO left the door unlocked?


  • steve2

    Bob seems different from the other JW defenders...he's "survived" a bit longer, although I've noticed his anonymity acts to encourage his use of foul, bad-tempered prose. He at least has the "courage" of his conflictions.

    Tell me Bob, do the drugs continue to help or hinder your verbal expressions? I'm wondering because in an earlier post you credited the Watchtower Society with saving your life. On the other hand, if you're only out for a good time, I'm astonished at your lack of imagination in trolling through the JW websites. Now that's desperate!

  • ballistic

    Then, of course, there are those who are complete idiots.

  • proplog2

    DOUBT is the very foundation of fanatacism. At the core of a fanatic is a person who hasn't connected all the dots. A fanatic doesn't have faith. They are affraid of making the leap of faith. So they stand at the edge of the abyss and just jump up and down - never getting to the other side.

    Instead of facing their own doubts about what they "really" know they pick on others for having doubts.

    Fanatics have tough lives and eventually either surrender to their doubts or kill themselves because they believe infidels deserve death. Sometimes they kill others in the process. We should never underestimate the dangers of dealing with fanatics. If you find you are dealing with a fanatic its best to leave them alone - for your own safety.

  • garybuss

    Good post Pro,

    I once sat with a radical Christian fanatic and he kept using reason and logic to question me. I finally told him that logic and reason are the tools of a skeptic and are never used by a mystic. I asked him why he was skeptical about that which he claimed as his own. He went quiet as a jackass on election day.

  • Ticker

    Ive tried reasoning with one person who has been inactive for 20 years and its frustrating. Sometimes the ones that lurk on the fringe of the society seem to be the most stubborn supporters. They reject some aspects of the org but still fervently support it overall. I dunno i just find it hard to try and break through to ones like these. Oh well what can you do.


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