Your resolutions?

by jwbot 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • jwbot

    1) To lose 20 more pounds (on top of the 35 I had recently lost)

    2) To give blood

    3) To get financially on track

    4) To graduate with a BS and enroll in graduate school

    5) To work hard at a job to support myself and family

    6) To help my sister out in whatever way possible and become closer to her

  • ColdRedRain

    Be the best human being I can be.

  • orangefatcat

    I want to be a better person

    I want to tell people how much I appreciate the things they do for me

    I want to remember how lucky I am to live in Canada and remember those in war torn countrys and those with disasters.

    I want to try and lose weight before my operations.

    I want to remind my husband more and more how much I love him

    I want to try and push myself to do more things even if the pain is terribl

    I want to thank everyone here more often that many have aided me in being a stronger person

    I want to quit the little smoking I do

    and I want to work more on my scrapbooks.

    These are my few resolves for 2005.

    Bless you all

    Orangefatcat ...

  • lisaBObeesa

    1) Learn how to take care of ME.

    2) become a great listener

    3) limit my time on the computer

    4) make some friends

    5) make peace with my sister

    6) get a LIFE

    7) get back in school

  • Aude_Sapere

    I plan to maintain better structure in my work.

    Financially: Already set up to again max-out my 401k contribution for '05. I did it for '04 (YAY me!!) and will do it again in '05. Imperative to start (and continue) saving for retirement.

    Weight management and excercise - Yup. Always. *sigh* Always struggle by Jan 10

    I will broaden my social contacts. This year I need to find things I like to do - and DO them

    I want to attend an apostafest - if one of y'all will invite me...!!

    I will participate in a few backgammon tournaments.

    I might consider learning to ride a motorcycle. I will definitely investigate this one.

    Probably won't skydive this year, though.

    I will continue with therapy - here and with my therapist.

    Looking to make '05 a year of true growth. Of coming to terms with my jw past. Owning it and moving on.

    Happy New Year to all on JWD!!

  • darkuncle29

    My New Year's Resolution is to find a boyfriend so that my vision will improve.

    Pay off my last credit card debt ($800)

    Sign up for Tai Chi.

    Investigate getting liscensed for massage therapy.

    Take organic chemistry courses to give me a working understanding of hydrocarbon chemistry--to further create Spa quality products.

    A few others too, but can't seem to focus on them right now...

  • Eyebrow2

    1. Make better business decisions than I did in 2004

    2. Lose some serious weightage....I would like to be downgrade from a blue whale to just an orca in 2005

    3. Quit the cigarettes...before I really get hooked.

    4. Put the clean laundry I hate doing that.

    5. Just being a better person overall, and nicer more specifically.

    #5 is the most important to me.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Hoping my SSD (Social Security Disability) comes through this year, but I have no control over that.

    There is a new Buddhist center that opened this last year I want to check out. I have nothing to pay, so if they are legit, I'm hoping I can receive training pro-bono.

    To finish reading A Brief History of Time, and read a little Carl Sagan and others. Slow reading for me as there is much to digest.

    Continue being me: loving, patient, and friendly to all I encounter.

    Well, that's a pretty full plate for me.

  • Jim_TX

    To just be content with who I am, and what I have...

    And to take a step or two closer to my dream of building and living in a dome home.


    Jim TX

  • Sunchild

    My main one is to become a better Christian. The main thing that entails is learning how to love -- giving and receiving. For me, the latter is the most difficult; I've made an appointment to see a therapist next week so that, hopefully, I can get some help in trusting others not to hurt me. I know I can't truly love anyone until I get past that.

    I also resolve to get a better job with reliable hours. Retail isn't fun.


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