Since I don't know a lot of you...

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  • Tishie

    Would anyone mind doing one of those famous Internet introduction sessions?

    Since I completely and thoroughly filled out my profile, I think you all know enough about me :) And if you are bad, bad people, you might even know my history with the JWs.

    But, I'll give you the run-down, since I'm asking.

    My real name is Teresa (Tishie being a nickname from my husband [Tish, actually], which I adapted for the 'Net about 5 or 6 years ago because I didn't like running into other Teresas... eh, RF?).

    I'm 27, getting ready for my 10 year reunion this coming June. Wow!

    I was born and raised in Alaska.

    I am the wife of Larry, the mother of Paul and Naomi (8&4), and as of Aug. 24th, FINALLY a college student!

    I live in Idaho now. Sigh.

    I enjoy reading, surfing the 'Net, talking, debating, writing, animals (have two dogs, two cats, one rat), music, movies, politics, comedy, etc. I like to come up with cool ideas and get going on them and then become bored and irritated with them and either quit or complain about my self-inflicted responsibilities...

    Oh, that reminds me, I'm an Aries :)


  • Jokemyster

    hello you know me, a known apostate, big bad and mean..well only slightly mean, ok not even an ounce mean..also known as Amazonas momma.
    stick around, these people have very open minds.

  • Seven

    Tishie, Planet Simon is one of those places where the inhabitants know much about each other's feelings but very little about each other personally. Don't be offended by a lack of replies. That's just the way we are.
    My real name is irrelevant. I am 25 years old. I was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in a manger. My mother and father's names were, well, er, you know. I am happily single, but the mother of one dog, a cat, and two ferrets. I am a college grad and am now in business for myself. It's great to be boss.
    When I am not painting, I'm playing guitar or listening to music-swimming or sailing, weather permitting. I read sci-fi, poetry and history, aside from everyone's favorite magazines.
    Why am I here? Where else is there for a semi-witmess to go-as Zep put it. I think there are many fence-sitters here. I can't speak for everyone here, only myself. I have many issues to resolve before I fade away. The people here have become like family to me.
    Good luck in school, you'll do great.

  • Kristen


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  • Pathofthorns

    I also agree with the personal information thing.

    As far as the "fence sitter" designation goes, I think that is rather poor. Most here have made a definite decision in their hearts and are simply working out the details as they fade away.

    For me the "fading away" is nearly complete. Perhaps less than a month remains.

    I like this board because it is all about coming to grips with the feelings of leaving. It is not about raging hate and bitterness, but more of the disappointments of a failed dream and the sadness of leaving behind friends. Many of us are trying to sort out what we believe and what we do not, what we will hold on to and what we will leave behind.

    To keep the freedom I have means giving up some freedoms as well (like that is all i can tell you here). Perhaps on icq.

    Welcome again Tishie. (I'm a fish [pisces] by the way) lol

    Pathie-poo? I don't think so.


  • Roamingfeline

    Hi Tishie,

    Since you are the holder of the only Bio I have put on the net, you know me well, lol. However, something I never told you. All those times I posted as Teresa, and you would holler at me thinking "who is this person?" lol, I didn't tell you my nickname from high school. It was.....
    you guessed it, "Tish".. Bahahahahahahaha

    RCat, the "other Teresa"

  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, you of course know me. I haven't posted my bio on the other board because I've just been too damn lazy.

    I've been inactive for quite some time, and to be perfectly honest, I didn't mention that information here initially because I thought that I would be kicked out. Little did I know that everyone here disdains the shunning that goes on on other JW boards.

    I have my crew of 7 cats, 3 horses, 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, 6 finches, and various assorted fish.

    I have been enjoying myself by experimenting with all the things that I was not allowed to do as a JW....writing stories, dabbling in sculpture, reading forbidden books (teehee)....trying to fit in all the things I missed during my 30-year stint as a model JW.

  • Kismet

    Hey Tishie:

    Yep I am here too. and apologize for my belated greetings and welcome!

    You know my story from "the other place" so there isn't much new to share.

    Glad to see you here!


  • puppylove

    Hi Tishie, I've seen you on other boards, in fact, you helped me find my childhood friend Vicki!

    I'm 35, married, no kids (hubby has 1) inactive going on a year, not df'd or da'd. Got really lucky with the hubby, I started doing research (on the internet HAH!) went around feeling sick for about 2 weeks, finally got up enough courage to tell him that that I was having serious doubts about the jw thing - and guess what! He was having the same doubts. We both did research together, read some forbidden books (LOL) and dragged ourselves out of a cult.

    Happily recovering now. :)


  • Tishie

    Hey thanks guys! I understand not being comfortable with personal information being given out, especially if you aren't quite over the "fence" yet.

    Rather than personal details, I'd be happy with whatever...


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