Some screenshots from new KH meeting!

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  • Pistoff

    Everyone witness who sees the building will either wonder why we are building small office buildings, or will understand that they are designed to look like and be sold as an office building.

    Every non-witness will look at the building and wonder why the witnesses are building churches that look like small office buildings.

    Seen some ugly kingdom halls, but that design takes the cake, non-descript, bland, ugly, carpet tiles in the interior, a total blank canvas.

  • freemindfade
    I can't see these flying in a place like NYC
  • HappyDad

    Giordano said: "The visual shows what we suspected: An attractice multiple purpose building suitable for a wide variety of businesses."

    Yep! Once the sheeples give tons of money to pay for it with the new arrangement, WT will sell it in ten years to a commercial endeavor. They will combine two KH's on the premise that not enough are attending to warrant two buildings. 

    They sure are a devious bunch, aren't they"? Their lawyers have it all figured out.


  • Finkelstein

    Will the new Kingdom Halls have drive through ATMs so they can deposit money directly right into the WTS. accounts ?  

    This arrangement shows that Jehovah truly provides for the devoted and faithful !   

  • JWdaughter
    It looks like a of 24 hour urgent care clinics that I have seen popping up lately. Think they could get a big enough lot to put in a starbucks and a Sonic or in-n-out burger? Then they could have a total monopoly on JWs discretionary income.
  • pixel
    I will post more later on. They look like mini-assembly halls.

  • NewYork44M
    Thanks for posting. I have been to more than a few offices in my life, this is an office. It is void of anything spiritual. May be this is good because this emphasizes to the R&F that when you go to the meetings working are working (free of charge - but it is still work) for the governing body. I wonder if they will have a time card so publishers can clock in and out?
  • pixel

    Some would like to see the video (really? 3 hours???) anyway, I will try to download it and hand it over to somebody from here that can put it up on YouTube or other place. Just PM me.

    Also, you can PM me to give me tips of how to download it, I know of a method but don't know if it can work.


    Loesch is overseas, eh??? That's convenient! He will probably die there instead of showing up in court. 


  • ToesUp
    ToesUp are awesome. Thanks for posting these.

    Interesting...they are VERY cold buildings. No warmth. Ironic?

    Maybe once they are finished with the buildings they can use them for Psychiatrists office or better yet a Proctologists office.  How fitting!

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